Sneak-peek : Appearance Change System

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Source : Cabal US :

This system allows you to temporarily change the appearance of your gear. Now you can rock whatever armor style that suits your preference, while maintaining the stats of your coveted elite slotted and upgraded gear!

Mithirl Great Sword swapped to Iron Great Sword

Changing your items appearance is very straight forward, simply visit your local core alchemist.

Mithirl armor helm swapped to Bluestin

The same thing applies to armors. Remember, that the item you use as your material will be destroyed in the process!

A Bluestin Boss!


  1. pano kung character bind na puwed maging account bind pag gumamit ng apperance and kung mag faild po mawawasak ung item namin and maku2ha pa ba sia ung item po namin?


  2. sir. yung sken. nagkamali ng palit. nauna yung catalyst na osm kesa sa tunay kong gamet na fatal tita katana +15 after 1day. wala na yung katana ko. natira yung osm . d n mbabalik yu?


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