Drop list for new Chaos Lamp in EP8


Hmm, as I mentioned in an old post, the new update comes with brand new Chaos Lamps. Let’s see what could you get from them… The table is too large, if you can’t see it fully, just click it the full size table will be opened

How do you think about this drop table ? Let’s show ppl your opinions ๐Ÿ™‚


8 comments on “Drop list for new Chaos Lamp in EP8

  1. Givhen Tan says:

    Dropped from mobs?


  2. jonathan gannaban says:

    the drops are great,

    may i ask if the epaulet drops are duration item or binded?


  3. L. Kratz says:

    lol this will be really rediculous, if you get that stuff out of a chaos lamp -.-”

    btw do you know anything about the dropp chance?


  4. HeLLCuSToM [Cabal PH mars server] says:

    what will happen with the old one?? will it be converted to the new chaos lamp??


  5. Devourer584 says:

    theres something more ridiculous, u need to pay to open lamp, lol ,
    chances to get rare item is epic low


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