CABAL – 3rd Evolution Part V

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CABAL – 3rd Evolution Part V


Current Status : Stable
KR Released Date : Dec 07th 2011
KR Patch Notes Last Updated : Dec 07th 2011

CABAL – 3rd Evolution – Part V Intro Clip

What’s inside this update?

  • Battle Mode 3 : The Ultimate Power has been RELEASED

  • DX Dungeon : Merchants’ Submarine Valley  : Face with the Ancient Bosses and earn the MOST powerful items

  • New Items : Rings & Quest Capsules, brand new world for exploring

  • Achievement System : What have you done in CABAL? Yes, we know it and let’s spread the WORLD!

  • Appearance Changes and Convenience Systems : Cabal becomes more and more easily to PLAY and ENJOY!


Details Patch Notes


1. Fixed the bug for sub-epic items in Marquinas Outpost, dropped with “character-binding-after-equip” property

2. Drop rate of some monsters have been set incorrectly, bug is fixed

3. Bug related to tooltips

4. Magic Skill EXP in the WEXP exchange window displayed abnormally

5. The number/grade of Bike Option Scroll displayed abnormally in confirmation window while trying to extract Astral Bike – RW3

6. Bugs of Quest “Land of Undead”

7. Bugs related to Gates in Quest Dungeon

8. Bugs related to the History list of Guild Warehouse while using mouse wheel button

9. Bugs related to the Skill Book purchasing confirmation window


1. Raise the amount of Critical Rate limitation can be acquired from Rings

  • Old : 30%
  • New : 32%

2. Extraction System Change

i) Change the way of extraction progress

  • Old : Need Transmuter to extract items
  • New : Can extract items without Transmuter
    • Add extract icon in Inventory
      • On the left side of Upgrade icon (bottom-left of inventory window)
      • When click the icon : Extraction mode will be activated, player can extract items in this mode
      • Press ESC or click the icon again : Extraction mode will be deactivated
    • In Extraction mode, items which cannot be extracted will be displayed with red background

ii) Change the rule of extracting weapons / armors

  • By extracting items, player can get the scroll same at the property of item
  • By upgrading the items, player can get better extracting result
  • Change the way of producing option scroll via extracting item
    • Upgraded item up to +6: Gives the chance to obtain option scrolls (not 100%)
    • Upgraded item from +7 and above: Gives 100% chance to obtain option scrolls
      • Upgraded item from +7 and above with Sword Skill Amp / Magic Skill Amp : Gives the low chance to get Amp option scrolls
    • Upgraded item from +13 and above: Gives Perfect core with the same grade of item
      • Upgraded item from +13 to +14: Gives chance to get a Perfect Core with the same grade of item
      • Upgraded item at +15 : Gives 100% chance to get a Perfect Core with the same grade of item

3. Changes related to DP cube

  • Change the requirement of buying DP cubes from NPC
  • Raise the reward of Soul Cubes (amount of AXP raises)
  • Add the “Cube of Fame” for gaining Honor from DP
    • Cube of Fame gives different reward, based on the current honor class of character, player can buy different grades of cube

4. Changes related to some quests

  • In some scenario, general quests and dungeon quests the experience reward will be removed
  • ‘Hidden helper T’ chain-quest deletion
  • Plate of Honor and Plate of Soul will stop to drop
    • These plates will not be deleted, they will still be remained in the system

5. Remove the Map/Warp Code buying fee

  • Map/Warp code will be automatically given when the character meets the requirements
    • When the character reaches a certain level, if it’s possible to enter new field, the Map/Warp code of that field will be given automatically
    • When level up, player can check for information about Map/Warp code acquisition by clicking “Level Up” icon

  • Existing Map/Warp code quests will be deleted
    • Here is the list of them

6. Change related to Chaos Lamp

i) the existing chaos lamp

  • Delete old Chaos Lamp
    • Old Chaos Lamp won’t be dropped anymore in the game.
    • Old lamps will be maintained in Inventory/Warehouse/Auction House/Guild Warehouse.

ii) Add new Chaos Lamps

  • Key item is needed for opening new Chaos Lamp
    • To open the new chaos lamp, owner needs key in inventory
    • Key item can be bought from NPC Grocer in Towns
    • Price : 200,000 Alz ea
  • Grades of Lamp : Low / Medium / High / Highest
    • Depends on the grade of Lamp, the owner needs specified quantity and combination of Key items

  • Drop area of Lamps

7. Auction House Category Change

8. Improve the Buddy & Guild window

i) Add character note

  • Add a note to introduce your character
  • Information note of your character will be displayed at the top area of Buddy Window with a button on the right which will let you edit character note
    • On click on “Edit” from the menu, the character note can be changed
  • Allow checking friends’ notes by moving mouse on their names in Buddy / Guild window
    • Character name / Nation / Current location / Character note

ii) Display people within the group

  • Buddy / Guild window display full list of member in each group

iii) Allow adding note for character in block list

  • Allow adding note for character in block list by using “Edit Comment” from the menu
  • Allow checking blocked characters’ notes by moving mouse on their names in block list

9. Icon of Weapons / Armor Option Scroll changes, based on the grade

10. Improve the ability to click / attack / talk with some objects/NPCs in-game

  • NPCs for quests in Forbidden Island
  • Object for finishing dungeon of Altar Siena B2F
  • Cannons in front of Force Archer boss
  • Broken Mirrors / Fire place in Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
  • Illusion Castle / Saints’ Island entrance

11. UI changes related to Skill Book Purchasing

  • Upgrade Skill with the same grade as character will be opened automatically when accessing the Upgrade section
  • Display a list of skills for beginners when clicking the right button on Transcender Skills page

12. Change the starting point of Tower of the Dead B1F to safe zone.

13. Cash shop items changes

  • Oath of Sacrifice / Protection can be registered in Auction Hall in Functional Items > Special Items > Oath of Sacrifice / Protection


1. Battle Mode 3

i) Acquisition

  • To obtain Battle Mode 3, player must obtain 31 Quest Capsules to get the necessary material for crafting the Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
  • Quest capsule related to Battle Mode 3 : “Morning Star Skill” can be obtained from Lake Side  – Porta Inferno
  • Each capsule (31 in total) has 2 parts: Field and Dungeon, when complete, player will be rewared “Stein Clone”
  • Stein Clone is the material for crafting Battle Mode 3 Skill Book (Stein Clone is character binding and drop not allowed)

ii) Crafting

  • Stain Clones can be obtained only from Quest but other materials / Formula Card can be bought directly from NPC Shop in Port Lux

  • There are 3 steps for crafting Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
    • Step 1 : BM3 Activate Skill and First BM3 Skill (Skill A)
    • Step 2 : Second BM3 Skill (Skill B)
    • Step 3 : Third BM3 Skill (Special Moves)
  • Crafting Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
    • The chance of success for crafting is 100%

iii) Battle Mode 3 bonus option details

  • Player can activate the BM3 Skill, if player
    • Has the Character at 130 Level or more
    • Completed “Morning Star Skill” Introducing Quest
    • Finished crafting and learning new Battle Mode 3 Skill Books

iv) How to use

  • Basically for every battle style, player has many-steps-for-every-cycle  which need to be cast of casting skills in Battle Mode 3
  • 1st and 2nd skill are easy to notice by different name and they must be activated as 1st and 2nd step in BM3 skill-cycle, 3rd skill can be re-cast  in the BM3-Skill-cycle
  • Battle Mode 3 consumes the same amount of SP and has the same duration/cool time/ability to stack with Aura like Battle Mode 2
  • Skills have 2 seconds of cool time
  • By using 1st and 2nd skill in special order, 3rd skill will be activated and can be cast (watch the video for more information)
  • Skill can be used like the way of Combo skill but without “Combo Bar” (aka Combo UI)
  • By using 1st and 2nd skill in special order, the synergy effect will be appeared

v) Synergy

  • By using basic 1st Skill and 2nd Skill in a specific combination will trigger the Synergy Effect, then player can use 3rd Skill (Special Move)
  • Synergy Effect will affect on all 3rd Skill (Special Move) for 8 seconds
  • Positive Synergy Effects can be stacked up to 3, Negative Synergy Effect can be stacked up to 6
  • If player keeps using the same Synergy Effect, bonus will be applied for as Damage Amplification by 1.5 or 2.0 times

2. Introducing quest for new Battle Mode 3

  • Quest name: Morning Star’s Heritage
  • Quest Type: Scenario Quest
  • Requirement: Lv.130+ / BSLv.14+
  • NPC: Officer Morrison – Port Lux
  • Quest reward: Morning Star Skill 1/2/3 Slot

3. New skill of Battle Mode 3

  • Special Skill of Battle Mode 3
    • Battle Mode 3 : Activate skill
    • Basic Attack A :   First skill
    • Basic Attack B : Second skill
    • Step 1 Skill : Third skill (Special Moves)
    • Step 2 Skill : Third skill (Special Moves)
    • Step 3 Skill : Third skill (Special Moves)

4. New DX Dungeon Merchants’ Submarine Valley

  • Dungeon Entrance : Undersea Valley Traders
  • Required level: 155 level or higher (Class Level 11 and above)
  • Entry item:
    • “Hatching Egg” is sold in NPC Grocer – Libert in Green Despair for 2,800,000 Alz
    • Entry item does not drop in the game (can be bought only from NPC)
  • Entry point: X:23, Y:248 – Green Despair
  • Difficulty: Easy / Normal / Hard
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Base on the difficulty, the special drop changes:
    • Easy:
      • Redosmium/Topaz Weapon
      • Epaulet +7
      • Ring of Luck +3
      • Critical Ring +3
    • Medium:
      • SIG-Metal Weapon
      • SIG-Metal  Epaulet
      • Ring of Luck +3
      • Critical Ring +3
    • Hard:
      • Mithril Weapon
      • Epaulet +8
      • Ring of Luck +3
      • Critical Ring +3

5. New DX dungeon introducing quest “Merchants’ Submarine Valley”

  • Quest name: The Tragedy of Heaven
  • Required Level: 155 Level
  • Acquired NPC: Henderson – Green Despair
  • Complete Reward: Merchants’ Submarine Valley entry item “Hatching Egg”
    • The reward is character binding item

6. Add new Rings : Ring of Luck +3 / Critical Ring +3

  • Requirement : Level 150 or more
  • Drop in : New DX Dungeon : Merchants’ Submarine Valley
  • Options :
    • Ring of Luck +3 : Critical Rate +17%
    • Critical Ring +3 : Critical Damage +17%

7. Killian’s Ring

i) Required: 105 level or higher

ii) Option:

  • Critical Rate +16%
  • Critical Damage +3%
  • Attack +5
  • Magic Attack +5
  • HP +15

iii) Acquisition-related quest: The power of the Killian’s Sealed  Ring

  • Obtained Level: 105 Level
  • NPC: Core Alchemist Keller – Bloody Ice
  • Quest:
    • Quest item can be obtained by killing last Kilian Grausten in Frozen Tower of Dead B2F
    • Quest Item: Kilian’s cells (character binding)
  • Quest cannot be repeatedly accepted and completed

iv) Ring of Kilian Crafting Process

  • Materials:
    • The Mergaheph’s Ring
    • Killian’s cells (Drop in Frozen Tower of Undead B2F)
    • Black Cat’s Tears
      • Black Cat’s Tears: Core Alchemist Keller in Bloody Ice sells for 50,000,000 Alz
  • Crafting success: 100%

8. Add “Appearance Change” System

  • The “Appearance Change” system allows player changing the appearance of their items
  • Via the Core Alchemist in each town, they can change and restore the appearance of items
  • Items required for changing appearance:
    • Target item : The item player wants to change the appearance
    • Materials: The item player want to change the appearance to and Alz
  • Duration: The appearance of items can be changed with duration:  1 day / 3 days / 7 days
  • Appearance changing can be done only between same kind of items
    • Ex) Greatsword and Daikatana can be switched the appearance (both of them are two-handed sword)
  • Items which are under the duration of appearance changing are character binding as long as the duration still be active
    • When the duration of appearance changing expires, item will be changed back to its original appearance and remove the character binding status (which caused by changing the appearance)
      • Ex) An account binding Greatsword has been changed into Daikatana in 3 days. So in that 3 days, that “Daikatana” will be character binding. But when the 3 days passes, the old binding-status of item will be restored. Means the “Greatsword” will be back to account binding.

9. Add the Quest capsule system

  • Monsters will drop new obtainable item kind : Quest Capsule
  • Certain monsters will drop Quest Capsule item
  • When player uses the Quest Capsule, the quest will be accepted can be proceeded directly
  • Add the “Quest Capsule” category into Auction Hall
  • Some daily quests will reward Quest Capsules as the compensation

10. Achievement System and Title

i) Achievement System

  • To make player’s achievements in game more meaningful, the system gives reward for every achievement which is gained / reached
  • Achievement will give the bonus like Title
    • The cumulative achievement over achievement will be ranked like the Title system
  • Depending on the number of accomplishments, achievement can have multi-level
  • Some special Achievements can be linked into chat window
  • Classification: Achievements are classified in many categories

ii) Nominal

  • Show the details of Title from which Achievement, which it gives, next level information,…

11. Add new mercenaries

  • Some Monster Mecenary Cards can be obtained from Legendary Boxes in dungeons

12. Transcender Attack skill are sold in NPC

  • Instructor in every town will sell the Transcender Attack Skill books which used to be obtained only from Porta Inferno
  • Other Transcender Skill books will be sold at the same price

13. Additional convenient features

i) Allow doing mass-storing in the Warehouse

ii) Add the [Close] button in Write Mail / Reply Mail window

iii) Change the way of displaying slots and slot options of items

  • While searching for items in Auction Hall, the number of slots and slot options will be displayed on the right

iv) Improved target selection bar

  • When selecting another character in war zone, the Battle style icon and HP will be displayed
  • Grade of monsters will be displayed (normal / named / dungeon boss)
  • If the monster is event monster, the name will be displayed in light-blue and the event grade icon

v) The transparency of chat window can be adjusted

  • Transparency level can be adjusted via option window

vi) Allow enabling/disabling the display of friends/guild members logging in/logging out message

vii) Add the refresh button in Cash Inventory

viii) The summary of Quest window will change the color

ix) Equipment Comparison Functionality

  • Move the mouse on the item in inventory then press the Shift key, then move to the item which player needs to compare
  • Can compare more than 2 items by keep pressing Shift

14. Add pet-related confirmation message

  • Confirmation message will be appeared when player tries to use pet sleeping kit, pet safety kit, pet training kit
  • Confirmation will be appeared when player tries to unseal a sealed pet

15. Add a message to the equipment locking system

  • When you click the lock button, the locking-mode will be activated
  • When you click the lock button again, the locking-mode will be deactivated, a message will be display “Equipment Lock has been completed”


  1. “Upgraded item from +7 and above: Gives 100% chance to obtain option scrolls”
    What happens with rate in slot? Too many 7/40, 14/80 items? o.O


  2. Are you really sure about the numbers in the sinergy?
    Third BL sinergy: Effect in both cases: 5% Critical chance -> -5% critical chance
    Second WI Sinergy: -11% Defense -> -4% Defense
    Third FA Sinergy: Effect in the enemy: -11% Defende -> -3% Defense
    Effect in yourself: -11% Defense -> -4% Defense
    First FB Sinergy: Effect in both cases: +10% Critical Damage -> -10% Critical Damage


  3. but it says here:

    “By extracting items, player can get the scroll same at the property of item” and
    “Upgraded item from +7 and above: Gives 100% chance to obtain option scrolls”

    so it means you can get a desired scroll based on the property of the item you extract.. am i right? the only question here is what does “PROPERTY” mean. is it the epic of the item or the content of the slot? well anyways thanks for the update sir ^^,


      1. so it means this becomes rather a downgrade for scroll extraction rather than an upgrade.. since you need to upgrade it to +7 to ensure the presence of scrolls when extracting and you need a ton of prayers to get the property you want from this system…

        what a waste, well hopefully bm3 isnt as disappointing as the scroll extraction -.-


  4. two thumbs up for wormy!! 🙂

    btw, can i ask where to download the copy of your backgorund image?

    it’s really cool i want to make it a screen saver..

    hoping to hear from you.



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