Korean Cabal Patch notes Dec 08th 2011

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Dec 08th 2011 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Maximum number of registerable slot in Auction Hall reduced to 10 by mistake, bug is fixed
2. Fixed some bugs related to Achievement and Title
3. Bug caused by wearing Charisma Panda Epaulet
4. In specific situation, the suit which is the result of Appearance Changing becomes transparent
5. Bugs related to Warrior’s Battle Mode 2
6. Bug caused when trying to obtaining Warp/Map codes
7. Bug related to the Sub-Password system

■ Changes

1. Reduce the number of Stain Clone required for crafting Battle Mode 3

  • Step 1: 120 => 30
  • Step 2: 180 => 40
  • Step 3: 240 => 50

2. Title turning on/off can be done with drag/drop method

3. Change the alignment of group lines in Buddy and Guild window

4. Delete ‘Hidden Helper T is watching’ achievement

■ Mission Wars

1. In the summary screen of Mission War, the number of Kill / Death display abnormally, bug is fixed

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