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Cabal 3rd Awakening UI Files

As we know, there are many ppl who make skin (aka theme / ui / …) for Cabal. So it would be awesome if we can use the favorite skin […]

Korean Cabal Patch Notes Feb 15th 2012

■ Fixes 1. In certain cases, character’s death caused dungeon end 2. Some cooldown of potions applied abnormally  Add the cooldown for Glory Potion  Change the cooldown of Fury Potion […]

Official EP8 Patch Notes

Original Source : Cabal PH ( —– [ADDITIONS] 1. Added Battle Mode 3 A. Story – Colony association started using powerful alternative energy which far surpasses the 5th force, based […]

Feb 08th 2012 Korean Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Extracting unique items which produce material/quartz cores as output caused error 2. In some certain situations, the exp gained by 190-level characters is abnormal 3. Caused item […]