[EP15] [KR] Dec 03rd 2015 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug  that caused abnormal skill effects

  • Wizard:
    • Battle Mode 3 Activation Skill
    • Elemental Attack A, B
    • Special Attack Step 3
  • Force Blader:
    • Seal of the Damnation

2. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when trying to receive mails

■ Changes

1. Improve the character information window

  • Stats changes will be shown while moving mouse over basic stats
    • STR / INT / DEX
    • Stats changes are different based on character class


  • Primary stats are shown at the end of Character UI
    • Show only primary stats
    • Stats
      • ATK/MATK
      • SSA/MSA
      • Crit Rate / MCR
      • CDMG
      • DMG Reduce
      • Accuracy
      • Penetration


  • Stats Details button
    • Able to see full stats details
      • Character Stats Details UI can be shown by clicking on button
      • Details Stats are separated into 3 main categories
        • Attack Stats
        • Defense Stats
        • Self-ability Stats



2. Improve registration of Auction Hall

  • When registering new items, add “Average Recent Price” / “Current Lowest Price”
    • Average Price this week
      • Average price of this week will be calculated and displayed
    • Current Lowest Price
      • Allow performing request for lowest registered price
  • Allow filling price automatically by selecting radio button in front of prices


3. Improve Skill Training UI

  • New Skill Training UI
    • Skill Training UI can be shown when holding Ctrl button and clicking on + / – button
    • Skill Point and Alz will be displayed, support for bulk training
  • Old buttons + / – still work like existing  (one step per click)


4. The “View Equipment UI” now shows the “Attack Ability / Defense Ability” stats


5. Item Requesting Optimised

  • All recipes in Chloe now can be requested in a shorter time
    • Minimum: 6 seconds
    • Maximum: 30 seconds


6. Changes the item property of Orb of Ruin and Orb of Destruction

  • Orb of Ruin and Orb of Destruction are now tradable
  • Orb of Ruin and Orb of Destruction can be registered in Auction Hall (in Manufacturing-related items > General Materials)
  • On client first connection after update, all old items will be changed  into tradeable (remove the “Character binding” property)


■ Additions

1. Ring of Luck +2, Critical Ring +2 are droppable in some dungeons

  • Tower of the Dead B1F
  • Illusion Castle Underworld

2. Add Meritorious Mastery reset function

  • Allow players resetting Meritorious Mastery, if there is no Merit Point used, the button will be disable
  • Feature can be performed by consuming Force Gem
  • Each category can be reset separately, or all at once
    • All Mastery
    • Evasion Ignorance
    • Accuracy Ignorance
    • Damage Reduce Ignorance
    • Penetration Ignorance


3. Additional message related to Customisation Beads

  • Messages will be shown on expiration of Customisation Beads

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