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[EP11.5] [KR] Mar 12th 2014 patch notes


1. Fixed bugs related to Archridium items


1. Change the concept of Saints Excalibur Force Weapon

– Change the concept of applying Saints Excalibur Weapon

  • Old : Use Saints Weapon as Primary Weapon
  • New : Use Saints Weapon as Link Weapon


2. Item category changes

  • Existing Armor / Battle / Martial are now separated into categories based on Battle Style
    • Ex:
      • Old : Craftsman’s Gauntlets
      • New :
        • Craftsman’s Gauntlets (WA)
        • Craftsman’s Gauntlets (FS)
        • Craftsman’s Gauntlets (GL)

3. Inventory changes

  • Concept UI of Inventory has been changed
  • Tab icon are added instead of text



  • Add new “Costume” tab


  • Link Weapon : Allow equipping Saints Excalibur Force Weapon / Legacy Weapon
    • Item won’t replace primary weapon but will be linked
  • Hat costume items
  • Costume items
  • Weapon costume items
  • Balloon items
  • In Mission War, only Link Weapon is available for using

4. Set UI changes

  • Old: Moving mouse over items, set effects will be displayed at the end of items
  • Change: Add new icon for indicating set effect, at the top left of Inventory UI, stats will be displayed when hovering mouse on



1. Additions for Gladiator

  • Add new buff skill
    • Acquisition
      • Skill Name: Rage Shield
      • Required: Completer (0)
      • Acquisition: Purchasable from Instructor in Villages
    • Features
      • Using Rage to create a shield to absorb damage
      • Damage Absorption amount depends on Rage amount
      • Consumes all Rage on usage



  • Add skill effectors
    • Bloody Rush
    • Rage Shield


  • Manufacturing Additions
    • Armor
      • Craftsmans’ Gauntlets (GL)
      • Craftsmans’ Greaves (GL)
      • Craftsmans’ Visor (GL)
      • Craftsmans’ Plate (GL)
      • Master’s Gauntlets (GL)
      • Master’s Greaves (GL)
      • Master’s Visor (GL)
      • Master’s Plate (GL)
    • Weapon
      • Craftsman’s Chakram
      • Master’s Chakram


2. Character Attack / Defense Efficiency stats 

  • Add new stats named Attack / Defens Efficiency display in Character window at the bottom
  • Attack Efficiency
    • Calculated on
      • Level / Attack (or Magic Attack) / Skill Amp. / Penetration / Hit / Accuracy / Add Damage / Attack Rate / Critical Rate / Critical Damage / Battle Mode Duration increase
  • Defense Efficiency
    • Calculated on
      • Level / HP / Defense / Damage Reduction / Defense Rate / Critical Rate Resist / Critical Damage Resist / Skill Amp Resist / Down Resist / Stun Resist / Knock-back Resist / Unmovable Resist / Evasion / HP Absorb / HP Absorb Limit


  Mission War

1. Legacy Weapon will not be dropped on occupying base

2. Score will be affected by time of resurrection and construction

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