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Tag: mission war

[KR] [EP10] Nov 07th 2012 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that caused unable to craft event items 2. SP Recovery rate of some skills error 3. Fixed bug related to Enervation / Field of Enervation 4. […]

[KR] [EP10] Nov 05th 2012 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Fix bug that caused client disconnection when trying to craft Blended Rune 2. Fix bug that caused the effect of +15 items can be seen depends on view […]

[KR] [EP10] Nov 02nd 2012 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Buying skill books from Intructor in Desert Scream caused client disconnection 2. Death Penalty of character at level 30 or lower displayed incorrectly 3. Fix the bug that […]

[KR] [EP10] Nov 01st 2012 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Some potions caused error after putting in the warehouse and reconnect 2. Bringer shouts display abnormally 3. Some characters display abnormally in chat bubble 4. Tooltip of Winning […]