Cabal Online – Episode 35 – April 06th, 12th and 19th 2023 Patch Notes

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  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the bug that some items cannot be registered into the Upgrade UI in certain situations.
    • Fixed bug that the option value of Perius’ Earring showing incorrectly for Low and Medium grade.
    • Fixed bug that the client got disconnected while trying to store items in the guild warehouse in certain situations.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed bug that item splitting doesn’t work for the items in the Expanded Warehouse.
    • Fixed bug that the Aura Mode cannot be used in the PvP Battle Arena.
    • Fixed bug that character doesn’t get damage from “Perius’ Void Flame” summoned by “Perius’ Manager of the Void”.
  • Changes:
    • Changes applied for “Celestia” dungeon:
      • Change the appearance of the final boss area.
      • Change some attack patterns of final boss “Perius’ Manager of the Void”.
    • Change the message when player open the PvP Battle UI in area that it’s not applicable.
      • Old: Cannot be used in Combat Area.
      • New: After moving to the safe zone, you can participate.
  • Additions:
    • Add the additional rewards for clearing the “Tower of the Dead B3F”
      • Target:
        • Clearing “Tower of the Dead B3F”
          • Weekdays: 1, 2, … 10th times
          • Weekends: 1, 2, … 10th and 15th times
        • Reward: Holyroid (MXP 3%) usable up to MLV 91.
    • Add the sound effect for the starting and matching the battles of PvP Battle Arena.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed bug that “Penetration II” search in Auction House was linking with “Cancel Ignore Penetration”.
  • Changes:
    • Adjust the size and position for icon of battle style when selecting a character.

From this patch notes onwards, any fixes, changes and additions which are parts of the update will be also reflected on the consolidated post for each episode. For example, from this post, the point regarding the addition of Tower of the Dead B3F clearance rewards and Battle Style icons will be picked to include into the main post for Episode 35. Other contents of this post are meant for fixing the bug made by this update; therefore, those will not be included into the consolidated Episode 35 post. This mechanism will be applied from now on, so that all consolidated patch notes will fully cover all aspects of each episode.



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