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Mini-game Bingo was added into CABAL as a form of event, the first appearance of Bingo was found in CABAL KR in July 2015. Nowadays, it has been implemented in many CABAL. This is the basic guide for participating Bingo. Since this guide was written based on original version of Bingo in CABAL KR, there might be differences between this and the Bingo of your server.

Remember that Bingo is a form of event, Bingo UI can be activated by talking with NPC Yul in Green Despair while Bingo event is activated.

Complete Bingo Board by completing every Single Task. For each Single Task, small reward can be obtained (differently, based on event details)

Completing a Bingo Line/Bingo Column/Bingo Diagonal Line gives Reward (differently, based on event details)

Be ready for facing with Bingo Board 😛

Have fun, CABALers ❤


Update by 14-December-2018

I found that, some players got struggled for changing board, completing tasks with gems… So I decided to update this FAQ by adding below screenshots with detailed guides.

At all the time, you can check for reward of each task by clinking on the task or line/ column/ diagonal line by clicking on the Gift Box icon.

Task can be completed with Force Gem, after you click on the task to see the reward, if you click on “OK”, game will ask if you want to complete the task with Gem or not? 300 Gems is for Cabal EU, can be different for other servers.

In case, you completed all tasks, or even not, but you want to reset all tasks to “Not Done” status, you can do “Refresh” by clicking on first button on the top of the right column. You have to pay Force Gem for Refreshing (100 Gem is for Cabal EU, can be different for others)

If the board is too much difficult or you just don’t like it. You can change to another available board (if they do have multiple boards) by clicking on the 2nd button on the right column. After clicking, you can see another board, if you want to change to this new board, you have to click on the 2nd button on the right column again. Here you have to pay Force Gem for changing (100 Gem is for Cabal EU, can be different in your server)

If you completed all tasks, you can get the final reward by clicking on the 3rd button on the right column

Good luck and hope that you BINGO!

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