[EP10] [Info] Newest preview of WA/BL/FS skills

Just want to introduce the last preview of WA/BL/FS skills

Warrior Skills

Panic Cry

Bear Vitality & Cat Recovery

Blader Skills

Force Shielder Skills


[EP10] [Info] Some changes of Warrior’s Skills

Bloody Spirit

Instant Immunity

Panic Cry

Have fun 😉

[EP10] [FAQ] Astral Enhancement Skill of Force Blader

Since I have too many questions about this, I want to confirm that the Astral Enhancement level will be depended on Crystal grade only (or Orb if u use that instead of Crystal).

For ex:

Titan Katana + Mthirl Crystal => Astral Enhancement Lv. 11


Titan Katana + Pherystin Crystal => Astral Enhancement Lv. 6


Mithril Kat + Pherystin Crystal => Astral Enhancement Lv. 6

*Mithril = Forcium in NA Cabal

Here is the detail table:


If you don’t know about Astral Enhancement, check below clip 😉

[EP10] [Fun] Mission Battle System BGMs

In Oct 17th 2012 Patch in KR Cabal, they’ve just added two new BGMs.

One will be played when players wait before joining the Battle

One is the main theme BGM of Frozen Colosseum

😉 Have fun 😉

[KR] [EP10] Sep 27th 2012 Patch notes

▶ Public Server

■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug that affected the dungeon completion condition
2. Fix the bug related to the Cabal Love Story event (current event in KR)

▶ Test Server

■ Fixes

1. Bug related to Mission Battle

  • Fix the bug that allow pausing / giving up dungeon in Mission Battle
  • The option window of Battle Room will be closed as soon as the Battle started
  • The “Close” button in Buff Store did not work
  • When the connection is terminated, HP of character seems to be abnormal

■ Changes

1. Add message for Mission Battle

  • Moving to Mission Battle : When the character is moving into the Mission Battle
  • Moving to World : When the character is being sent back to the previous world