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Tag: blessing bead

#KR #EP19 July 20th 2017 Patch notes

■ Additions 1. Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective Add the new item allows to reset a specific slot of Honour Medal system Usage: Right click on the “Honour Medal […]

[KR] [EP17] Nov & Dec 2016 Patch notes

Nov 24th 2016 Patch notes ■ Changes 1. Change the maximum level of item upgrading to 20 (was 15) Upgrade UI combination Open the Upgrading UI: Right click on upgrade […]

[FAQ] [Info] Special Inventory Bead

Source : Cabal EU Forum This bead rewards you for playing! While online you will receive rewards, based on your character level and time spent online. The rewards are all […]

[Info] Cabal Special Inventory

Today, I will introduce you some info about the Special Inventory of Cabal 🙂 First, this is the unique feature of Cabal KR, using for special Net Cafes (aka PC […]