[KR] [EP10P3] Mar 06th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fix bugs related to Combo skill

  • Fix bug  that character can move during using Combo skill
  • Fix bug that caused termination of Combo when using instant cast skill
  • Fix bug that Combo Gauge did not disappear after Combo mode is released

2. Skill animation of some buff skill is longer than normal, bug is fixed



1. Add feature that allows adding Favorite Recipes for Amity System

  • Each registered recipe can be registered as Favorite Recipe by checking the check box in Amity UI

2. Add sound effects for some attack skills

  • Warrior : Apocalypse Decision
  • Blader : Infiniti Blade
  • Wizards : Glacier Trap
  • Force Archer : Pera Arrow
  • Force Shielder : Hell Crashers
  • Force Blader : Quake Greater Prism


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