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Stellar Link is an unique growth system, it was released as a part of Episode 31: Stellar Link. The system is applicable for all characters will level 50 and above with completion of the activation quest. The Stellar Link system comes with a lot of new terminologies and process such as Stellar Imprint, Link, Stellar Force… This post will be frequently updated based on the change of actual system.

Last Update: 06-Dec-2022

  • Activation Quest:
    • NPC Chloe – Port Lux
    • Level 50+ / BSLv 6+
    • Quest Name: The Force that Meteor Brings
    • Quest Progress:
      • Purchase the special item from NPC Hampric – Port Lux
        • Item Name: Grinding Drill
        • Price: 1,000,000 Alz
    • Quest Reward: Activation of “Stellar Link” system
  • Access:
    • Once the “Stellar Link” is activated, player can access the “Stellar Link” via:
      • Cabal Menu > Stellar Link
      • Shortcut (default): Shift + O
  • Add 3 new material items for the Stellar Link system.
    • Luminous Fragment
    • Luminous: Selena
    • Luminous: Sole
  • Stellar Link is a totally new system in Cabal, so for sure you will get confused with lots of new stuff. Let’s go through some key terminologies:
  • Stellar Imprint is the process of setting option for a slot on the Stellar Link, to perform the Stellar Imprint, a specific amount of Luminous: Selena will be consumed.
  • By doing the Stellar Imprint, a random Stellar (option), Stellar Force (value) and Link (colour) will be granted.
  • Link Conversion is the process of granting the Link (colour) for a slot on the Stellar Link, to perform the Link Conversion, a specific amount of Luminous: Sole will be consumed.
  • By doing the Stellar Imprint, a random Stellar (option) and Stellar Force (value) will not be changed, but the Link (colour) will be granted based on the selection.
  • If all slots on a Line have the same Link (colour), a pair of special effect will be granted – called as Link Effect.
  • Because we have 5 different lines, and each slot can have 1 out of 5 colours, as a result, we have total 25 different Link Effects.

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  1. stellar is actually not shared from all the characters of a single account? so you build them like honor medal? which is per character (excluding honor medal rank)


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