Cabal Online – Episode 33 – 15th Jul 2022 Patch Notes

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1. Adjust the Stats and Required Points of Force Wing Training

  • Updated Stats are marked with blue colour text

1. Changes related to the new Mission War: Ingens Proelium

  • Changed to allow attacking the gate directly.
  • Force Tower will be destroyed once the Sage’s Ensign got destroyed
    • Added respawn time for gates between bases and Centre Sanctuary Area, auto respawn 3 minutes after destroyed.
  • Add the broadcast messages for the case of destruction / occupation happen.
    • When Sage’s Ensign is destroyed.
    • When Watcher’s Sanctuary in Centre Sanctuary Area is fully occupied.
    • When Temple of Purification in Lower Sanctuary Area is destroyed.

2. Add a new buff “Signum Assault”

  • Bringer-Exclusive Buff that can be used only in Mission War: Ingens Proelium
    • The buff is applicable for up-to 50 players of the same nation within the range of casting
  • Added the “Signum Assault” skill to the Special tab of the Skill UI
    • The skill is available for all characters to see, but usable only by the Mission War Bringer and only usable in Mission War: Ingens Proelium
  • Stats:

3. Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug that the buff effect was applied even after players moved to the normal channel.
  • Fixed bug that shows the Normal Remote Shop instead of Mission War Remote Shop in Ingens Proelium.
  • Fixed bug that made the Capella’s Headquarter displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed bug that made Force Tower attack effect displayed abnormally.
  • Resized several objects in Ingens Proelium.

1. Honour Medal Expansion

  • Add new grade “Legendary” (above the “Hero” grade)
    • Add new 12 slots for Honour Medal – Legendary
  • Slot Opening & Option Granting are the same with other grade
    • Slot Opening Cost
      • 50 Chaos Core
      • 50 Divine Stone
    • Slot Option Granting Cost
      • 100 AP
      • 50 WEXP
  • Reset Slots of Honour Medal – Legendary
    • 25 Force Gem
  • Sealing / Storaging
    • Honour Medal Seal Chest (for Rank and Honour Medal Score): Available
    • Honour Medal Seal Chest (for Slots): Temporary Not Available

2. Fix bugs

  • Fixed bug that caused the client disconnection when continuously summoning Astral Bike / Board
  • Fixed bug that caused the Cooldown of Battle Mode are not worked as per the intention
  • Fixed bug that skill Honour Medal UI is displaying abnormally

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