Cabal Online – Episode 33 – 08th Jul 2022 Patch Notes

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1. Change to existing features

  • Change of the Force Wing UI
    • Remove Force Wing image from the Force Wing UI.
    • Keep the information of Wing Level, Grade, Stats and Skills.
  • Change the way of displaying materials
    • Existing: Registered amount of material / Required amount of material.
    • Change: Available amount of material / Required amount of material.
  • Delete the “Level-up Button”
    • Remove the manual leveling up mechanism by clicking on the button in Force Wing UI.
    • Only the automatically leveling up by checking on the checkbox in Force Wing UI is the way to trigger the auto level up.
    • “Transcend” button is still automatically enabled at level 100 of each grade.
  • Remove the “Wing Fly” skill
    • Remove the acquired “Wing Fly” skill before the update.
    • Remove from the “Wing Fly” Skill Scroll from NPC Yerte from Port Lux
Force Wing UI

2. Advent Skill

  • Able to access from Skill UI, under Special tab
    • Able to activate by right click on the skill.
    • Able to register in quick slot for quick activation.
  • Consumption:
    • 15 Force Essence will be consumed on activation.
  • Skill properties:
    • Instant Cast.
    • Duration: 15 secs.
    • Cooldown: 300 secs.
  • Once activated, the stats of the Advent Skill will be applied on the character.
    • Special visual effect with angelic theme will be shown.
      • The visual effect is changed based on Advent Skill rank.
    • All of stats that were obtained from the Advent Skill UI will be applied at once.
    • Advent Skill can be trigged only if there is at least one stats was granted.
Advent Skill UI

Activation of Advent Skill
  • Advent Slot Acquiring method:
    • There is total 06slots, depends on the Force Wing Grade, equivalent slots will be available.
    • Currently, we have 03 slots for Normal / Rare / Unique ranks.
      • Other 03 slots will be available later when new Force Wing Grades are released.
    • When the Force Wing Rank reaches the equivalent slot, the slot will be opened automatically.
  • Granting the stats of Advent Slots:
    • When you click on the Advent Slot, the Advent Stats UI will be show.
    • The stats are confirmed once you close the Advent Stats UI.
    • While resetting the stats, if you want to keep the previous stats, you can spend 10 Force Gem.
    • For granting the stats, Essence of Wing according to the grade of the Advent Slot will be consumed.
    • On granting the stats, 02 random stats from each group of stats will be granted.
Available Advent Skill Options and Group separation

3. Force Wing Training

  • There are 12 training slots, and for each slot we have up to 6 available stats slots for training.
  • Currently, we have 3 stats slots opened, 3 others will be opened in the future.
  • By clicking on the stats slots, that stats slot will be picked for the training slots and its level will go up by 1.
  • Leveling up the Training:
    • By clicking on the ( + ) button, the Training Stats level will go up.
    • Training Point is consumed for training.
    • Training Points are granted on:
      • Leveling up 1-100 every grade: 2 points per level.
      • Grade increases from Normal to Rare: 20 points.
      • Grade increases from Rare to Unique: 30 points.
Force Wing Training UI
Force Wing Training Slot & Stats Slot Open Condition
Available Options for each Stats Slot of each Force Wing Training Slot #01 – #06
Available Options for each Stats Slot of each Force Wing Training Slot #07 – #12
  • Training Preset
    • All of training will be stored in Preset #1 by default
      • By spending 100 Force Gem, Preset #2 and (another 100 Force Gem) Preset #3 can be added
    • Able to change the preset in the Force Wing Training UI
      • Preset can be registered in the Quick Slot for fast switching.
  • Reset the Training Point
    • Training Point can be reset by spending 15 Force Gem

1. Add new Mission Battlefield “Inzent Prorilium”

  • Basic Information:
    • Up to 100 players from each country can participate the Mission War
    • Duration:
      • Lobby: 4 minutes
      • War: 30 minutes
  • Combat Power Requirement:
    • Only players with minimum Combat Power of 700,000 can enter the Mission War: Inzent Prorilium.
      • This limitation might be adjusted during the test period.
    • The Combat Power can be checked in the Entrance UI.
      • The UI will show the minimum required Combat Power and your actual Combat Power.
      • The PvP Combat Power is reflecting the HP Boost for War as well as other War Exclusive Buffs.
      • You can enter the Mission War only if you meet the minimum required Combat Power.
Basic Information of New Mission War: Inzent Prorilium
  • Terrain and Area Distribution
Terrain & Area Distribution
  • Progress
    • Headquarter Area:
      • At first, the Headquarter area cannot be invaded by the opposite side because the area is fully isolated by the gate and it’s unable to destroyed.
      • When the Sage’s Ensign is destroyed, then all “Force Tower – Attack” and gates between Headquarter Areas and Central Sanctuary Area will be opened.
    • Central Sanctuary Area:
      • Occupying the Totem:
        • There are 4 Snake Totems in the Central Sanctuary Area.
        • By clicking to the Snake Totem, you will attempt to occupy it, it will take 15 seconds. During these 15 seconds, you won’t be able to do anything.
        • 2 points will be granted per second of occupying the Snake Totem, and if the occupying success, nation will get 50 points.
        • Central Sanctuary Gauge will be filled while occupying the Snake Totem.
      • Occupying the Central Area:
        • When the Central Sanctuary Gauge reaches 100%, the nation occupies the Central Sanctuary.
        • Once the Central Sanctuary is occupied:
          • Your nation will get 2,000 points.
          • All of characters of the nation will get a special buff that gives 50% of personal point while your nation has the control on the Central Sanctuary.
        • Once your nation has the control of the Central Sanctuary, characters from your nation cannot attempt to occupy the Snake Totem, only characters from the opposite nation can attempt to occupy those Snake Totems.
      • Sand Dust Area:
        • If you enter the Sand Dust Area, you won’t get attacked by neither character from opposite nation nor monsters.
        • Characters from the same nation can see each other in this Sand Dust Area.
    • Lower Sanctuary Area:
      • PvP is not possible in this area at first, because it is isolated by gate.
        • Once the Lower Sanctuary is destroyed, the gate will be disappeared, PvP will be permitted until the Lower Sanctuary respawns.
      • While hitting the Lower Sanctuary, the Lower Sanctuary Gauge will be filled up according to the damage.
      • When the Lower Sanctuary is destroyed:
        • Point will be granted to nations, based on the damage ratio made on the Lower Sanctuary (scaled by skill casting time).
        • Character who destroyed the Lower Sanctuary gets 300 personal point.
        • Nation of the character who destroyed the Lower Sanctuary gets:
          • 500 nation points.
          • Buff: Add Damage +2000.
    • Temple Guardians:
      • If you killed the Temple Guardian of a Neutral Point, a Temple Guardian with the same type will be spawned to protect the headquarter of opposite nation.
      • There are 5 different types of Temple Guardian with different debuff:
        • Root Effect
        • MP Decrease
        • Silence
        • Down
        • HP Down 20%

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