CABAL First Half of 2022 Road Map

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Did you have a good start into the year of 2022? I hope that this year will be filled up with tons of good things! Via this post, I will give you a tour through the first half of 2022, give some clearer ideas for some items that we have revealed last year for the Spring Update 🌿 and will give some sneak-peek of the Summer Update 🏖️.

Coming soon for us, it’s the Spring Update, it will be available in Test Server shortly, players might give a try, we are expecting feedback for tweaking the content before making it live for the public server.

New levels will be added after Overlord Level 100, you will have a new target to aim! Imagine you are at Overlord Level 100 and will be able to get EXP from raiding dungeons 😱 There will be multiple paths for you to develop your character.

For sure, with the new Overlord levels, we will get a new set of stats increase just like in level 1-100. What do you think? What could be the new stats to be available in the new Overlord levels? I’m pretty sure that we will get new stats like Ignore Resist Crit. DMG, Ignore Resist Skill Amp., Cancel Ignore Penetration and so on ✌️

Not the final game footage

Since we have a new set of level, we will also adjust the difficulties of leveling progress from 190-200 (well, it’s just a slight adjustment, so don’t worry ☺️).

With the current ability’s calculation mechanism, at the low levels you always see that your attack ability is just small like an ant, and no matter how you improve your gears, it is still just circling around 1-2 digits. That’s shame and that give you a big demotivation for progressing and chasing your better you!

It’s weird when you Attack Ability is 2k but your friend has 200k…

We understand that, at a certain time, when you see your Attack Ability slowly moves, you couldn’t get the actual power behind that.

For passing through the issue of having a bad perspective on the actual attack ability, we will change the mechanism of calculating the Attack Ability. The mechanism will be seamlessly reflected against your actual damage. So that you can see your improvement for every single step you made.

Be noted that, the change is only for the number that showing as “Attack Ability” there is no changes related to your “REAL”, your “ACTUAL” attack ability. If you are able to hit for 200k damage on a monster before the update, then after the update, you will be able to hit it with the same amount of damage; but the Attack Ability number (the red number under you HP/MP/SP/BP bars) that was showing before will be different.

Currently, we have a lot of Essence Runes and Blended Runes, but those are with fixed stats, once you learnt the rune, and maxed it, it will just be like that. Nothing else, hmm, how about a Rune that it grows with you?

In the Spring Update, we will introduce the Essence Rune (Karma), a new Essence Rune that you can learn only at level 200. It will help players get a long-term goal for playing for growing!

The stats of the Karma Rune will be carefully configured to ensure that it won’t be overpower!

Not the final game footage

With a lot of latest content that give you a huge boost in power, for sure we need a new dungeon for challenging you! A whole new grade of difficulty that you never experience before…

The new dungeon will be with robotic / futuristic theme, here you can encounter fearful machinery monsters. We cannot give you the detailed information by now, but uhm some sneak-peek is here…

Dungeon Design Concept Art
Dungeon Boss Concept Art

Well, the Spring Update is awesome right? But that’s NOT we have to for today. Hereby, I also give you a small preview for the Summer Update; uhm the content might be changed later, we are still a bit far from the Summer (🥶 I even feel cold here, nah, I mean freezing… 🥶)

A new battlefield is unfolding right in front of your eyes… We all want an endless battle, that’s the spirit of PvP! We all get huge boosts from these contents in the Spring Update, so a breathtaking battlefield is a MUST for testing your power!

We all know that there will be players who want to participate the Mission War but do not want to participate directly in any kind of combat, well the new battlefield will also come with the non-combat content.

We are also rescheduling the existing Missing Wars (Tiera Gloriosa and Memoria Chrysos) to ensure that players can enjoy all Mission War related contents!

Talking about Mission War, I recalled some confidential contents that we received in Cabal Global Camp 2012 with the presentation for “Future of Cabal”. It’s 10 years already from that time, so I think, it’s not “confidential” anymore 😜 Take a look at those materials for references only ✌️

Confidential material from 2012 presentation “Future of CABAL” during the Cabal Global Camp
Confidential material from 2012 presentation “Future of CABAL” during the Cabal Global Camp

[Force Wing Training Reorganization]

The Force Wing training is targeted to get some overhaul! Details are not able to reveal by now, but what can I tell you is, the new Force Wing Training will be different that the existing one.

Will we also get next grade of the Force Wing? As per the game client data, we will have up to 6 grades of Force Wing, so Epic, Master and Legend are still not unearthed!

Force Wing was known to have up to 6 different grades!

We won’t be able to give a full detail of this NEW challenge, but it would be a new goal for you where you need varied factors such as power, choice, and concentration, even with some random 🎲 This will be available in Summer Update.

From my point of view, it could be the sequel of the Legend Arena (that normally we call as Baldus), a new Arena for us to demonstrate our power with such a brief time frame (therefore, concentration is needed) and with random damage buff (that was mentioned as random factor). Is it the new Legend Arena?! Only time will be able to answer…

Will the “New Challenge” be the sequel of Legend Arena? Will we have something that is STRONGER than Baldus?!

Thank you for your love for Cabal over the time, we are working hard for monitoring the game, review all of gamers’ opinions and reflect those in game if possible! We are looking forward to seeing you here with us for another awesome year of Cabal!

Thank you!

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