ESTsoft Inc. released Dark Mage Episode XXVIII for EU/NA/BR Market

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Publisher ESTsoft Inc. has revealed its latest update for CABAL Online, featuring an exciting new class: Dark Mage. In addition, the highly anticipated release of a brand-new dungeon, Mirage Island (Awakened), a new Aura Mode Awakening System, as well as latest items will surely help you strengthen your gameplay, transcend your skills, and conquer new deadly challenges.

New Features:

  •  A new class: Dark Mage
  •  A new dungeon: Mirage Island (Awakened)
  •  A new item: Chief Laxar’s Brooch
  •  Skill Transcendence
  •  Aura Awakening Mode
  •  New Essence Runes
  •  Tower of Undead B1F and B2F completely remastered

The brand-new class Dark Mage introduces to the game a new way to upgrade your Auras to get you over the edge: the Aura Awakening Mode. The new dungeon, Mirage Island Awakened, will challenge your abilities like never before. And to complete this great new release package, the addition of new Essence Runes, and the new Item Chief Laxar’s Brooch will make your character even more powerful and your gameplay experience even more fun.

Enjoy the upcoming series of events that will follow this fully-packed update, a Dark Mage Experience and Race to level 200 that you won’t want to miss, and much more!

CABAL Online offers a unique twist to the Action MMO genre. With fluid combat, intricate class combo systems, and fast-paced gameplay. CABAL Online has earned its place as a game that challenges the most hardened of MMO veterans, captivating players around the world as the genre-redefining Action MMO that started it all. Log in today to experience the updated content and take advantage of CABAL Online’s new event for special prizes!

CABAL Online’s latest update, Dark Mage, is available for free NOW! Watch the official full trailer below.

For more information, and to download CABAL Online for free, please visit 

About ESTsoft Inc.
ESTsoft Inc. is the operator of the PlayThisGame hub and serves as the North American game publishing and operations arm of ESTsoft Corp, a leading Korean software company since 1993. ESTsoft delivers essential software products and innovative online games around the world.

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