Cabal Online – Episode 27 – Jul 29th and Aug 05th 2020 Patch Notes

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July 29th 2020 Patch Notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that players cannot participate the PvP battle in certain situations.

2. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection while trying to use the Remote Shop when staying inside Holia Kendrasil

3. Fixed bug that results were returned abnormally while searching for certain items.

  • Affected Items:
    • Conqueror’s Token
    • Master’s Essence Low/Medium/High/Highest
    • Ring of Luck +5/Critical Ring +5

4. Fixed bugs that the duration for items which came from Special Gift Box was displayed abnormally in certain situations

5. Fixed bug that when player performs the Divine Upgrade for Astral Bike – QW7, the success rate is not showing

6. Fixed bug that the camera view got reset when using Return Stone

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Field Boss system:

  • Add a tooltip, showing when moving mouse over the special boss mark in the server selection screen
  • Slightly lower the attack of “Zaken – Guardian of Altar” (Mutant Forest)
  • Improve the quality of Flag image in Field Boss Result UI

2. Changes related to Holia Kendrasil

  • Slightly increase the movement speed of Guardian of the World Tree monster
  • Reduce the range of Owl Bear monster
  • Ice Meteor is now falling with consistent speed, disregard the distance between monster and the character

3. Change that when open the Mail Box UI, the default type of Mail is “All Mails”

4. Adjust the height of camera view when switching between channels

■ Mission War

1. Limit the effect of durational items in Mission War

  • Once character joins the Mission War Lobby, an UI will be displayed to show the list of all durational items which would not get effect in Mission War
  • Target:
    • All durational items
    • Except:
      • Link Weapon
      • Certain Costumes
  • In the item tooltip, all of durational items will be marked as “Will not give effect in Mission War”
  • If your character equips any items which do not have effect in Mission War, that items will be displayed in red shade

August 05th 2020 Patch Notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that the effect of weapon is still applied even when the stats requirement is not met (stats got decreased while the item is still equipped)

2. Fixed bug that the movement speed got applied abnormally when transcending the Force Wing

3. Fixed bug that the text got showing abnormally on the “Dragon’s Treasure Chest” in Labyrinth dungeon

4. Fixed bug that the recipe of “Essence Rune (Resist Critical Rate)” was displayed abnormally in at NPC Chloe recipe

■ Changes

1. Item Auto-Sort settings will be changed to store in server, instead of client

2. Improvement for Title UI / tooltip

  • Add the explanation for registering and application of titles
    • Which slots the title can be registered
    • Which slots that stats can be applied if you do the registration

3. When character received an Notice Mail or GM Mail, the default type of mail in Mail Box will be changed to “All Mails”

4. Change that if your character is not selected for the Saints’ Weapon, the quest will not be shown in your Quest list

5. Changes in some terrain of certain fields

  • Obstacles in Lakeside are removed near the area of James – Mark of Destruction
  • Remove the monument in Mutant Forest near the spawn spot of Zaken – Guardian of Altar

6. Lower the drop rate of Bluesin / Titanium / Shadowtitanium in “Lake in Dusk” dungeon

7. Changes related to Holia Kendrasil

  • Change the location of the portal which is created after defeating the boss “Watcher Bauer” (new location is near to the boss)
  • Increase the Alz drop amount and Alz bomb chance

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