Cabal Online – EU|NA|BR – Spring 2020 Update – Full Patch Notes

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The combo update is knocking #COEU #CONA #COBR soon, with the content of Episode 23 Part 2 and Episode 24 Part 1. This is the longest notes ever I’ve prepared. Let’s dive in~

Episode 23 Part 2: New Exploration

A. Main Contents

1. New DX Dungeon ‘Flame Nest’ Added

A. Dungeon Information

B. Drop List

C. Dungeon Clear Achievement & Title

2. New Contents ‘Item Collection’ Added

A. Basic information

i. Collect item and register to get rewarded

  • Every character in an account share the reward
  • Opening collection & applying stats can be activated only after completing the quest by character

ii. How to Activate ‘Collection’

  • New quest ‘Eite’s Great Goal’ Added Required Level: Upper Lv.100 NPC: Weapon Dealer Eite at Port Lux
    • Mission: Give the quest item ‘Luxury Suitcase’ to NPC
    • Reward: Activating Collection
  • ‘ Luxury Suitcase’ Request Recipe Added
  • Collection activates when quest is completed (Collection icon created at the bottom of the game screen)

B. Collection UI

i. Open through collection icon & menu

  • Located at the left side of the menu bar on the bottom of the game screen
    • “New” icon shows up as slot of collection is occupied
  • Collection, Transformation UI added at Cabal menu > Collection UI

C. Collection System

i. Register collection item

  • Click registering item slot -> show collection registration UI
    • Open item registration UI -> show registrable item
  • Add item in slot by autofill, drag registration item, Ctrl+click registration item (Shows alert window)
  • Press registration button -> complete item registration in each mission
  • Able to register universally in one item slot
    • Register Palladium Epaulet: All Palladium epaulet of Warrior/Sage/Guard/Law are registrable
    • Palladium Weapon +5: Regardless of Class/Epic/Slot/Binding, all Palladium Weapon +5 are registrable
  • Non-registrable item
    • Weapons with upper Extreme Upgrade / Divine Upgrade / Normal Upgrade +15 (including craft equipment)
    • Chaos Upgrade applied accessory
    • Part of option scroll (Critical Rate / Max Critical Rate Up / Sword Amp. Up / Magic Amp. Up)
    • Periodical item
    • Quest Exclusive item
  • Mouse over an registered item in item registration UI ->Tool-tip will be shown

ii. More Soul core drops used to complete world collection mission in each world Collection Reward

  • Force Gem awarded through ‘Get reward’ button in UI when collection mission is completed (Shows Tooltip when mouse is over)
  • Completing all collections
    • Overall collection completion reward is automatically obtained after completing missions in collection and obtaining each reward – Collection completeness 100% ->completion effect automatically applies (Different complete effect shows with each collection)

iii. Transformation

  • Add ‘Transformation’ list and transformation UI in the CABAL Menu
    • Monster transformation card provided when certain collection mission is completed Right click transformation card item -> monster transforming skill activates
    • Register activated monster transformation in quick slot from Transformation UI
    • Transforming Skill
      • Available: Movement, SP Restoration
      • Unavailable: warp, PvP battle, mission battle, use of agent shop, trade, use of personal shop

3. New Content ‘Guild Treasure’ Added

A. BP (Battle Point)

  • Point that is not affected by character level or stats
  • Total point is 10,000, restores 1 in every 4 seconds
  • Spent when creating guild treasure
  • Guild main character
    • When guild main character is set, BP is restored as 10,000 (maximum)
    • When main character is removed as leaving guild, new main character will have same BP as the old one

B. Join & obtain guild treasure

  • Join condition
    • Only guild main character can join (joins automatically)
    • Characters other than guild main character can check treasure level and weekly rank
  • Guild treasure list
    • Guild treasure requirement is fulfilled during the game -4 pop up message shows ‘Treasure is rewarded’
    • Guild Treasure can be created by spending BP
    • When guild treasure is rewarded, system message shows who obtained the treasure
    • Guild treasure list requirements & BP consumption
  • Created treasure list is available for all guild members
  • Guild treasure item list

iii. Receive guild treasure

  • Guild Treasure can be received within 30 hours
    • When not received, guild treasure list will be automatically deleted
  • When max number of guild treasure (300) is reached, new treasure will not be created
  • Unreceived items will be deleted once member leaves guild

C. Guild Golden Treasure Box

i. Golden Treasure Box point will be given for every guild treasure list creation

  • Receive different amount of points depending on general treasure list
  • Can be received when Golden Treasure Box point reaches 10,000
  • Point will not accumulate further before receiving Golden Treasure Box

iii. Guild Golden Treasure Box item list

D. Guild Treasure Level

i. Create Guild Golden Treasure Box -> earn guild treasure level experience

  • Higher guild treasure level higher value of rewarded item from guild golden treasure box
  • Guild treasure list will not be affected

E. Weekly guild rank

i. Can check treasure point earned by guild members and rank u. Renewed every hour, reset every Monday noon

F. Jewel Cube Piece(Emerald)

i. Item obtained from Guild Treasure Box

  • Will be automatically removed at 5AM on every Monday (GMT+8)

ii. Item can be exchanged to “Jewel Cube of Union (Emerald)” from Guild Shop

4. New item ‘Jewel Cube’ Added
A. Extended Link Weapon Slot

  • i. Linked Weapon slot count in ‘etc’ tap increased from 1 to 5
    • Original 1 link weapon slot
    • 1 Honor slot added
    • 3 Jewel Cube slots added

B. Available item via slot type

C. New item ‘Jewel Cube’

i. Equipment

  • Able to equip anywhere among 3 Jewel Cube slots
  • Able to equip same Jewel Cube items at the same time Ex) Able to equip Natural Jewel Cube(Emerald) in all 3 slots
  • Concurrent equipment restriction
    • Some Jewel Cubes are unable to equip at the same time

5. Grade Level Separated for Epic Booster

A. Original Epic Booster item level will be separated to Medium / High / Highest

  • Only matching level of Epic Booster is usable with the using object
  • Usage condition except level is same as before
  • Original Epic Booster item will be usable from Medium to Highest as before

B. Changes of Epic Booster sold by NPC Chloe in Port Lux

  • Previous Epic Booster item will be unavailable
  • 3 separate level Epic Booster items are added

D. Changes of Epic Booster in Agent Shop

i. Epic Booster item categorized via item level

ii. Sales period for the previous Epic Booster in Agent Shop will automatically expire

6. Improvement & addition to Guild Mission Festival

A. Individual rank added

i. Individual rank calculated based on earned guild score Individual ranking reward added

  • Reward given based on Individual ranking
  • Individual ranking reward condition(All of conditions must be satisfied)
    • Earned guild score must be above certain score
    • Belonged guild score must be above certain score
    • User is marked yellow when the user has more than needed score
  • Unlike guild rank reward, reward and rank matches many-for-one, not one-to-one
    • Ex) guild rank reward: different reward to 3rd, 4th, 5th / Individual rank reward: same reward to 3rd, 4th, 5th
  • Same score -> same rank’s reward
    • Ex) When 2 people are ranked 1st with score of 1,000, they both get 1st reward
    • However, there should be same number of people rewarded; 2nd place does not exist
  • User and reward for Individual rank are set by tool

iii. Change in Guild Reward UI

  • UI title changed to ‘Rank’
  • Individual tab added beside Guild tab
    • Please note the individual top ranking will be set to top Rank 10 who met condition
    • Shows list of users who are able to earn member rank reward
      • UI opens as my character is chosen
      • My character is marked as orange

iv. Change in rank reward UI

  • Personal tab added
    • Able to earn reward based on individual rank – Reward item is sent through mail
  • Guild tab remains the same

v. Contribution rank is changed to member rank on my information

  • Before: Shows my contribution rank within guild
  • After: Shows individual ranking (contribution rank will be only shown in contribution rank UI)

vi. Individual rank added in season result UI

B. Guild rank reward expansion

i. Guild rank reward items are expanded to maximum of 100

  • For maximum of 100 reward items, the guild rank can also be expanded to 100th place to receive reward a. Ex) When there are 5 items for reward for each rank, guild rank is set to 20th

C. Change in score reward

i. Original 1 of 5 score reward item is changed to guaranteed reward

  1. Before: Must choose 1 between total of 5 items
  2. After: 1 of 5 item will be fixed + Player must choose and 1 item between remaining 4 items Fixed reward will be received together with chosen reward

D. Item color change option added with reward

i. Item color changes to gray except items received for reaching required score of level during reward period Frame will disappear when grade is activated

  • Guild score icon will not be deactivated

E. Mission improvements

i. Item loot mission

  • Before: Mission is not completed when dropped bind item is looted by rolling dice in party
  • After: Regardless of rolling dice or party status, mission will be completed when item is looted

ii. Alz use mission

  • Purchasing Warp Stone doesn’t count in mission counting check

iii. Mission of entering Flame Nest dungeon added

F. Ul Improvement

i. Trophy is colored pink for rank below 6th for both Guild and Individual tab ‘Receive Reward’ button will change to ‘Expired’ image when receiving period ends

B. Additions

1. Limited dungeon boost function added

  1. Limits applying the maximum dungeon boost level when entering dungeon

i. Able to choose difficulty level through dungeon boost under maximum level Limited stage is marked red and cannot be selected

  • Applied dungeon
  • Eternal Chaos Arena: Boost applied until 3rd Wave
  • Glades Inferna: Boost applied until 2nd Wave

2. Current Permission List Shown for Each Group

A. Permission for each guild group is shown by mouse-over

3. Reward added for character with finish attack in guild dungeon

  1. Reward given to character who gives finish attack to Exhausted Auretia in Guild dungeon ‘Flame Dimension’
  2. ‘Fried Egg with Ketchup’ will be sent through in-game mail of character

4. New item ‘Explorer’s Cube’ added

  1. Cube item that drops required items for Collection
  2. Sale

5. New stackable potion ‘Elixir’

A. Certain reward is gained when used, similar to potion items

B. Type / Requirement

C. UI for Elixir added

i. Multiple elixirs can be used at the same time

ii. How to change elixir quantity to use

  • Enter desiring quantity directly in UI
  • Change quantity by using up&down arrow(AV) button
  • Change quantity with scroll function
  • Click maximum button -> Set to maximum amount

iii. Limit for Elixir use

  • Can be used up to 9,999
  • Can be only used up to maximum level – If the user reaches maximum level using 100, user only can use 100 items despire 999 remaining items in Inventory

iv. Expected level and EXP change is shown when set-up quantity is used

D. Stackable Option

  • Can be stacked up to 999
  • Can be stacked and used at same time when elixir value, bind status, periodic information are matched

6. Upgrade Core(Ultimate) added in Giftbox reward list

A. Applied box

  • Giftbox(Premium)
  • Giftbox(Plus)
  • Giftbox(Superior)

7. Blazing Crystal is sold by NPC Peddler Unon (Octane Crystal in some Cabal)

A. Guild level limit (level 6) is maintained when purchased

C. Changes

  1. Essense Rune — Ignore DMG Reduction stats upgraded

2. Drop changes in dungeons

3. Change in item stack type

4. Changes in certain Skill animation

5. Change in Giftbox system

  1. 2.2 inventory space is not required; users are able to receive each items
  2. Stackable items will be automatically stacked when received

i. When user receives 3 bundles of 3 special coupon for, items will be received by 9 stacked special coupons

6. Change in ‘Exhausted Auretia’ monster in guild dungeon

A. New force code ‘Resist Auto DMG’ Added

i. Resist Auto DMG force code added

  • Resist Auto DMG will be used as default damage
    • When normal attacks, receives only standard damage
  • Additional damage proportional to casting time on standard damage
    • 10% additional damage per 0.1 casting time

ii. Exhausted Auretia’s Resist Auto DMG is 1,000

  • 1,000 default damage is applied when normal attacks regardless of critical authenticity
  • When Wind Blade skill (1.7 cast time) is used, 1000 + (1000.170%) = 2700 damage applied

B. Monster’s HP set to slightly higher than before

7. Guild activity tab will be saved when guild Ul window is closed

8. Patren’s ingame appearance changed during quest

9. Temporary elimination of social skill ‘Dance 2’ due to expiration in copyright

  1. When Dance 2 skill is used, Dance 3 motion will be activated instead
  2. Dance3 skill will not be changed and used as same

10. Fixed error of drop items with bind status in field higher than Mutant Forest

11. Fixed error of Warp Stone and Protection of Veradrix item unable to be used in Quick Slot

12. Changes in Mission Festival mission balance

A. Revised count or time limit for certain mission’s requirement

13. Fixed error in Warehouse

A. Fixed error that guild warehouse was full when more than 218 items were moved from guild warehouse

14. Fixed error of server being disconnected when user changes account during equipping item

15. Fixed error of ‘miss’ command shown when character use skills with ‘Knock Back’ type attack on certain monster or gate

  • Monster option changed so monsters that might have problem with coordinate won’t get knock back
  • Applied Monster

16. Fixed error of user being warped outside of dungeon when he leaves guid during dungeon play

17. Fixed error of victory character not being able to warp after Guild War

18. Fixed error of difference between skill casting time UI and real skill casting time

19. Fixed error of Agent Shop item option being abnormally changed

20. Fixed error of stackable item(including GM’s Blessing) being stacked even when there is no item

21. Fixed error of Guild Rank system

A. Error fixed where guild rank information was shown abnormally

  • Before: Guild rank information abnormally shown before Mission Festival information is updated
  • After: Guild member’s rank will be updated along with Mission Festival information

B. Error fixed where scroll wasn’t working properly when characters in weekly guild rank are more than one page (more than 13 characters)

22. Fixed error of unstackable item being applied abnormally in Special Inventory after looting

23. Fixed error of special coupon items being deleted on Monday at 5AM instead of 3 days after purchase date

24. Fixed error of scroll bar location in ‘Individual’ tab of Mission Festival

25. Fixed error of male character’s skin color being shown when applied with ‘Steam Punk Mask’

Episode 24 Part 1: Holia Windhill

A. Main Contents

1. New Dungeon ‘Holia Windhill’ Updated

A. Dungeon Information

B. Drops in dungeon

C. Introduction to Dungeon Quest

D. Dungeon Clear Achievement & Title

  • Holia Windhill Added to Guild Treasure [Dungeon] Category
  • Holia Windhill Dungeon clear mission added to Guild Mission Festival

2. Force Wing Transcendence Added

Check the clip at 8:02

A. When Force Wing Max Level (Currently Normal Lv.100) is reached, Wing can be transcended

B. How to transcend

  • When Force Wing max level is reached, ‘Transcendence’ button will be available in Force Wing UI ‘Force Wing Transcendence’ window will pop-up as Transcendence Button is clicked
    • Required Item – Essence of Wing
    • (Current QTY) / (Required QTY); click ‘Transcendence’ button to rank-up with enough materials

C. Essence of Wing

  • How to Gain: From Legendary Box drop in Holia Windhill
  • RequiredQTY: 15 for first Transcendence

D. Result

  • Ingame image
  • Force Wing will rank up Normal z) Rare Level
  • Force Wing level reset to Lv 1.
  • Able to change appearance of Force Wing and color of Force Wing button on upper left of the screen

E. Growth of Force Wing

  • Force Wing EXP
    • EXP gained from attacking dummies is decreased (Same EXP gained when attacking monsters as before)
  • Training Points
    • 2 Training Points gained immediately by becoming Rare Level through Force Wing Transcending
    • After reaching Lv. 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100, 1 Training Point will be gained

F. Force Wing Stats

  • HP, All Attack, Defense will increase by 1 for each level
  • Though the level is reset, stats will accumulate and increase
  • Example: Force Wing Rare Lv.50 -) HP +150 / All Attack +150 / Defense +150

G. Force Wing Skill

  • Acquired Wing Skill will automatically increase as Force Wing transcends

H. Skill Stat

3. Merit Mastery System Expanded – ‘Platinum’ Insignia Added

A. Division of Merit Mastery

  • Divide Merit Mastery into Gold Insignia and Platinum Insignia
    • Gold Insignia: Original Merit Mastery. Applied to characters Lv.170 and above in account
    • Platinum Insignia: New Merit Mastery. Applied to characters Lv.200 and above in account
  • Gold Insignia, Platinum Insignia tab added to Merit Mastery UI

B. Merit Rank-Up

  • Rank-Up Condition
    • Gain all Masteries of Gold Insignia
    • Used all of Gold Insignia Merit Points
  • When conditions are met, Rank-Up button will activate in Platinum Insignia UI
  • Rank-Up materials: Merit Medal Exchange Tickets x 100 + 20,000 WEXP
  • Result
    • Gold Insignia -> Platinum Insignia
    • Platinum Insignia Merit Points will be given when Merit Medal is reported (Merit Score given by Merit Medal Level will be same as before when Merit Medal is reported)
    • Extra 30% of Honor Score given when Max Level of Merit was reached, will be applied only after Rank up

C. Ingame UI

D. Platinum Insignia Mastery

  • Merit Score & Point: Max Merit Score -> 360,542 points, Max Merit Point -> 2,052 points.
  • Mastery Category
    • Total of 6 categories
    • Total of 3,472 Merit points needed to learn all Masteries. Depending on the combination of categories, only 4 out of 6 categories can be mastered.
    • Required Merit Score and Stats by each Mastery

E. Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot Added

  • Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot must be opened to learn the Mastery
  • Slot Open Materials and Time Required (more open slots requires more materials and time to open)
  • Cancel Opening of Mastery Slot
    • Click opening slot to cancel
    • Materials used for opening the Slot will not be returned F. Special Mastery
  • Special Mastery Activation
    • Activated by learning ‘Expand Special Mastery’ in each Mastery Category (only learn up to 4)
  • Grant Special Mastery Options
    • Click ‘Grant Special Mastery’ button under each category
    • Materials: Merit medal Exchange Tickets x5 + 1,000 WEXP
    • 2 random Special options will be granted at the same time
    • Options may be granted in categories that Special Mastery has not been activated (However, options will be applied after Special Mastery is activated)
    • Special Mastery Stats by each Category

G. Mastery Memory

  • Save current Mastery Memory status
  • How to Activate
    • a. Click registration button at the top of Platinum Insignia UI (to register Mastery Memory on Quick slot)
    • Choose icon from page No.1-3 to register on Quick Slot
    • When using registered Quick Slot of Mastery Memory, current status will be saved
    • Page number can be changed after registration
  • Special Mastery can be saved as well
  • Can make Mastery combination anytime by using Mastery Memory
  • Slot open Status is same even if user changes Pages

H. ‘Gold Insignia Elixir added

  • Using Elixir gives Gold Insignia point (Same application as other Elixir)
  • Limit on usage
    • Can be used up to maximum Merit Points (max x9,999 cal used at the same time)
    • Unable to use Elixir when already reached maximum points
    • Unable to use when Gold Insignia is already ranked up to Platinum Insignia
  • Unable to register on Agent Shop due to binding status
  • ‘Gold Insignia Elixir’ added to Special Coupon Machine
    • Exchange condition: Coupon x 300

4. Character Face/ Hairstyle Renewal

  • Renewal of Male/Female character Face (4 types), Hairstyle (7 types)
  • Automatically changes existing character’s appearance (Face and Hair) based on previous appearance.

5. Ingame Shop Renewal

  • Added Ingame Shop icon at bottom left of Menu Bar
    • Same icon shown as Grocer’s Shop icon
    • Added WEB icon to distinguish WEB Item Shop
    • Reorganized icons: Left Side – Ingame reward, Shops / Right Side – Game play
  • Change UI
    • Expand CASH Shop UI to 3 Rows
    • Added Force Gem count
    • Changed CASH icon
  • Added ‘Package’ tab to Ingame Shop
    • Only can purchase during certain period of time
    • Only certain quantity per account can be purchased
    • Added preview function
      • Can preview main item from the Package item
      • Zoom and rotate function provided
      • Unable to preview costume if current character is not avai able to equip

B. Additional Information

1. Guild Treasure category expanded & “Time Reducer” added for reward

  • Added [Currency] on Guild Treasure Category
    • When player purchases Package Item from Ingame Shop
    • Automatically create treasure without consuming BP (Battle Point) when Package Item is purchased (System message will not show character name)
    • Treasure earned by [Currency] Category will not count towards Contribution rank
  • New item ‘Time Reducer – Platinum Insignia’ added
    • Reduces opening time of Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot
    • Can receive from Guild Treasure
      • Gain depending on Guild Treasure level 5min / 10min / 30min / 1 hr / 3hrs / 8hrs / 12hrs / 1 day / 3days (Account Bind)
    • How to use
      • Click ‘Speed Up’ button in Platinum Insignia UI
      • Right-click ‘Time Reducer’ item in inventory
    • Maximum Use Condition
      • (Number of available item) X (Reduce effect of each item) ( (Remaining time to open slot) + (Shorter time of either 5 hours or Reduce effect of one item)
      • Ex) If Remaining Time is 17h 20m, Can use Time Reducer(8H)x3 / Time Reducer(3H)x6 / Time Reducer(1H)x18

  • List of Guild Treasure Item
    • EXP/Honor/OXP/Force Wing Elixir
    • Collection Material (Accessory)
    • Merit Medal Exchange Ticket
    • Potion of Honor Medal
    • Time Reducer – Platinum Insignia
    • Jewel Cube Piece (Emerald)

2. Current Time Clock (24-hour) added to the bottom left of the screen

3. Yellow Bead Item added to NPC Chloe Shop

  • Sell Item Yellow Bead x127
  • Price 3,810,000 Alz

4. BP Regenerate Potion, ‘Command Potion’ Added

  • Instantly restores BP when used
  • Stackable up to x999
  • Type / Restoration stats
    • Command Potion (Lv. 1) 1,000
    • Command Potion (Lv. 2) 2,000
    • Command Potion (Lv. 3) 3,000
    • Command Potion (Lv. 4) 5,000
    • Command Potion (Lv. 5) 10,000

C. Fixes / Changes

  1. Extended maximum slot of Essence Rune
    • Before 30 > After 60
    • Increase max. number of Rune Extender to be used Extended Number of Usable Rune Extender
      • Before: 16 + extended up to 16 = Max. 32 Slots
      • After: 16 + extended up to 44 = Max. 60 Slots
    • Rune Slot Extender – changed description / Changed number of unused Rune Slot
  2. Quest Object changed in ‘The Last Apocalypse’
    • Quest: The Last Apocalypse Card (Lv.82 and above)
    • Easier to find the necessary object to proceed
  3. Change in how to gain Drosnin’s Earrings
    • Before: After finishing ‘Cursed Drosnin’ quest, can obtained from
      • Reward Box with certain drop rate.
    • After: last boss will drop with certain drop rate without additional quest
      • Boss Monster ‘Ratzel of Reason and Wind’ will not drop the Wind Key any more
  4. Improvement / modification on Guild Treasure function
    • Disables Reward button if Guild Treasure expires
      • Disables reward status when Guild Reward time is Expired
      • Expired Guild Treasure will be removed from the list when re-login
    • Added indicator when Gold Treasure Box is not received
      • Gold Treasure Point gauge is activated if Gold Treasure Box is receivable
      • Current Gold Treasure Point gauge will be shown after receiving Gold Treasure Box
      • Only 1 Gold Treasure Box can remain the receivable status
    • Changed Gold Treasure Point of Guild Treasure [Battle] category
  5. Increased number of items displaying in CASH Inventory
    • Only 16 pages (total of 128 items) were displayed, but changed to display all
  6. Changes in some quests
    • Changed warp location of some quests after quest in dungeons
    • Changed Quest Object in `Skaild’s Room’ for Quest ‘Where is Skaild?’
    • Changed Target Monster for some quests
  7. Changed preview equipment from Archridium to Demonite when creating character
  8. Changed name of Change Kit (Hair Style) from Novice to Type A-D
  9. System message will display option values when looting Elixir type items
  10. Fixed error on Guild Treasure to receive Elixir when stackable number exceeds its limit
  11. Fixed error on Guild Treasure ‘Receive All’ function under certain condition
  12. Fixed error of Chakram not dropping in some fields.
    • Undead Ground: Shadow Titanium Chakram
    • Forgotten Ruin: Shadow Titanium Chakram
    • Mutant Forest: Mithril Chakram (with Amp. option)
  13. Fixed error of abrupt disconnection when using Assassinate or Whirl Wind skills to attack the gate in dungeon
  14. Fixed error of not attacking the overlapping monsters after moving
  15. Fixed error of client issue under certain condition when Gladiator uses Fadeaway skill
  16. Fixed error of abnormal Attack Power during normal attack resulted from having not enough MP
  17. Fixed duplicated HP error of Shadow Aramid Epaulet of Guardian (Evade + 50 is Correct)
  18. Fixed error that Wizard and Force Archer could buy and use Sword Skill Book
  19. Fixed error that Gladiator’s Illusion Fight Skill tool tip was indicating larger area than the actual one
  20. Fixed error that when ‘Hide Battle Mode 3 Helmet/Armor’ option is checked, Force Wing was not shown
  21. Fixed error when receiving items in bulk (alt+left-click), incorrect quantity of item was shown in CASH Inventory
  22. Fixed error of abnormal display regarding receivable Special Gift Box
  23. Fixed error of incorrect text color in chatting window
  24. Fixed error in Mission War that under certain conditions, players could disconnect when warp to receive reward

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