Cabal Online – Episode 26 – March 18th 2020 Patch notes

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Very first patch notes for Episode 26 is here, aka the Spring 2020 update. For other contents of 2020, you can refer to “Cabal in 2020” series that I posted earlier. The first patch of Episode 26 includes:

  • View Equipment expansion, that support viewing Costumes and Linked Weapons.
  • Additions of Fixed Quick Slots, which is stayed fixed regardless of switching between Quick Slot tabs/pages.
  • DX Frozen Canyon (aka Catacombs Frost 2).
  • Epic Booster (Ultimate).

■ Changes

1. Improvement for “View Equipment” function

  • Beside the original items which are equipped on character, now the “View Equipment” function is extended to support viewing:
    • Costumes
    • Linked Weapon
  • “View Equipment” UI is now movable.

2. Honor Potion / OXP Potion / EXP Potion / Skill Potion in Coupon Machine (in Bloody Ice) are changed into Elixir type.

  • Purchase conditions, number of coupons, period and amount of all type of EXP are the same as before.

3. Increase the size of Search Box in Auction Store

4. Change the way of delivering the “Mission Festival” reward

  • Instead of delivering “Mission Festival” reward through mail, reward will be sent through “Event Inventory”
  • Expiration Duration: 3 days

5. Increased the maximum view limit of Chaos Arena dungeons

  • Target: Chaos Arena Dungeons
    • Eternal Chaos Arena
    • Chaos Arena Lv.1 ~ Lv.7

6. Changed that the “Minesta’s Unbind Stone” cannot be used for item with status of “Cannot be equipped”

  • Target: Minesta’s Unbind Stone both High – Ultimate both Weapon / Armor
  • Add the content to tooltip to reflect that information

7. When purchasing items in the NPC Shop, game is now displaying the amount of available items along with the needed amount.

  • Material that you needto purchase the item is now displayed as
  • Material Name X / Y with:
    • X is the number of material you have.
    • Y is the number of material you need.
  • If you have enough of material item, the line will be displayed in white color, if not it will be red.
  • Any other conditions will also be displayed like Items / WExp / AP / DP…

8. Change the layout of shop at NPC for “Dungeon” tab

9. Reduce the image size of some mergeable materials and consumable items

10. Changed the in game display of “Troglo’s Golden Fruit”

11. Improve tooltip for “Essence Rune”

  • All Essence Runes now show the Level 1 and Max Level stats in tooltip
  • If Essence Rune is at Max Level, only Max Level stats is showing

■ Additions

1. Added Additional Fixed Quick Slot

  • A new set of Quick Slot which is fixed and won’t change even when player moves between tab / page of Quick Slots
  • Total 8 Quick Slots
  • Can configure to activate and show or not by a toggle button
  • Shortcut for activation
    • Default: Ctrl + 1 ~ 8
    • Can be assigned to different key using game Options UI

2. New DX Dungeon “Frozen Canyon” added

  • Entry information
    • Entry Condition:
      • Level 190+
      • BSLv 11+
    • Entry Item: Glowing Soul Lamp
      • NPC: Unon – Bloody Ice
      • Price:
        • 1,000,000 Alz
        • Divine Stone x1
      • Property: Account Binding
    • Entrance:
      • Bloody Ice (217, 186)
    • Participants: Up to 2
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Victory Condition: Kill the Final Boss and destroy the Legendary Box
    • Fail Condition: Time-out
  • Reward: DP 8
  • Dungeon Play Restriction:
    • Entry Times: No restriction
    • Play Time:
      • 8 hours for weekdays
      • 12 hours for weekends
  • Guild Treasure:
    • Category: Dungeon
    • BP Consumption: 4,700 BP
    • Golden Box Point: 11 Points
  • Drop new Essence Rune: Ignore Resist Skill Amp.

3. New Essence Rune: Ignore Resist Skill Amp.

4. Add Extreme Seal for 7th Grade of Extreme Upgrade

  • Target: Demonite class equipment
  • Sealed Item: Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Master)

5. Add the bulk purchase for some Shop

  • Add the ability to set the quantity for certain shops in game
  • Target:
    • Baldus Token Store
    • Devil Token (High) / (Highest) Store
    • Coupon Machine Store

6. Add the Equipment Comparison for certain situation:

  • Item in Private Bike Warehouse / Guild Warehouse
  • Item linked to Chat Window
  • View Equipment
  • Cash Inventory / Event Inventory
  • Sealed Stone Items (Divine / Chaos / Extreme)

7. Add feature to search in the “Request” UI (Chloe’s Requesting)

  • When player types, the related recipes will be automatically suggested in the list
  • Recipes will be displayed in the order of required Amity

8. Add new option for showing/hiding the “Vehicle Costume with Option Applied”

  • Add the option to “Show the Vehicle Costume with Option Applied”
  • Default: Yes
  • Change the existing “Show Costume with Option Applied” into “Show Clothes Costume with Option Applied”

9. Add Bulk-function for Event Inventory

  • Able to Alt + Left Click to receive items from Event Inventory in bulk

10. Able to link item from Event Inventory to chat, using Ctrl + Right Click

11. Add the “Epic Booster (Ultimate)”

  • For boosting the Epic of item with Ultimate grade
  • Acquisition
    • Able to buy from NPC Chloe’s Shop – Port Lux
    • Purchase:
      • Purchase Materials:
        • Fire Crystal x15
        • Earth Crystal x15
        • Wind Crystal x15
        • Ice Crystal x15
        • Element Crystal x15
      • Fire Crystal: Chance to drop from last boss of DX Flame Nest
      • Earth Crystal: Chance to drop from last boss of DX Ancient Tomb
      • Ice Crystal: Chance to drop from last boss of DX Frozen Canyon
      • Wind Crystal: Can be purchased with one of these materials:
        • Fire Crystal x1 /or
        • Earth Crystal x1 /or
        • Ice Crystal x1
    • Attribute: Trade-able
  • Usage:
    • Item of Ultimate Grade, +15 or higher
    • Epic stats will be increased on success
    • Epic Booster (Ultimate) will be consumed regardless of success of failure

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