Cabal Mobile – 12th, 26th November 2019 Patch notes

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November 12th 2019 Patch Notes

◈ Additions

1.New dungeon ‘Maquinas Outpost’ added

a) Dungeon Information

b) Dungeon Entry

  • Can be requested via NPC Chloe – Port Lux

c) Drop items

d) Added dungeon introduction quest, by talking with NPC Sally in Fort Ruina

2. Added Drei-Frame Armor

a) How to acquire

  • From dungeon Marquinas Outpost
  • From NPC Agris in Port Lux
    • From “Agris Armor Box”
    • Price: 2,000,000 Alz & 30 Drei-Frame Cores
  • Options
    • 3 random options
    • Stats
      • Each item dropped from Dungeon will come with 3 random options in group “Available Stats” (3 available values for each option)
      • Each item dropped from Agris Box will come with 3 random options in group “Available Stats” and including the highest option from Special Stats (total 4 available values for each option)

3. Added drop for dungeon entry to some fields

◈ Fixes

1.Fix the error related to Force Blader skill

  • Fixed the bug that description of “Art of Curse” skill is not displayed
  • Fixed bug that the information of debuff is not showing
  • Fixed bug that value which is less than 0 is not showing in skill comparison

2. Fixed bug related to resolution of town map for GPS screen

November 26th 2019 Patch Notes

◈ Additions

1. Unlock up to character level 199.

2.Added new quests in Lv.190 ~ Lv.199

3. New area “Senillinea” added

a) Entry Information

  • Level 190+, with nation
  • Access via NPC Port Manager – Port Lux

b) Named Monster

Monster nameLevel
  Giant Wolf Leader220
  Lesser Panda King225

4. Added new dungeon

a) Dungeon Information / Entry Item

b) Drop items

5. Add New Accessories

  • Siena’s Bracelet
    • Piece of Prideus’ Bracelet can be obtained by extracting the Prideus’ Bracelet
    • Piece of Siena’s Bracelet can be obtained from Legendary Box from Altar of Siena B2F
  • Awakened Tyrant’s Ring
    • Cursed Tyrant’s Ring can be obtained from last boss of Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened)

6. Added auto Cleanup


7. Add Special Gift Box

  • Similar like Cabal Online feature
  • However some items were not added for both Box output and Coupon machine due to content availability of Cabal Mobile (e.g. Transcendence Potion for OXP)

8. Add Guild Dungeon

  • Guild dungeon ‘Flame Dimension’
    • 5 Difficulty Levels
      • Easy, Normal, Hard, Heroic, Awakened
      • Resets to random level at 00:00 (server time) daily
      • Rewards vary with level
    • Entry limit
      • From 7 to 25 players
    • Dungeon Sequence
      • Phase 1 (HP 100%~75%)
        • 4 Flame Guard Einzerki spawn
        • Boss remains invincible until Flame Guard Einzerki are cleared
        • Flame Guard Einzerki has Resist Absolute Damage of 50 (Must be attacked 50 times to remove)
        • When Flame Guard Einzerki are cleared, boss disarm invincible mode and lose 8% of total HP
        • Flame Guard Einzerki respawns altogether after 10 seconds
      • Phase 2 (HP 75%~50%)
        • Flame Guard Dog Hound spawns around Flame Guard Einzerki
        • Flame Guard Einzerki will disarm invincible mode when Flame Guard Dog Hound are all cleared
      • Phase 3 (HP 50%~20%)
        • When boss’ HP reaches 50%/40%/30%, 20 Punisher of Flame spawns (total of 3 times)
        • The number of meteor attacks decreases when Punisher of Flame gets eliminated
      • Phase 4 (HP 20%~0%)
        • Flame Guard Einzerki no longer spawns
        • 6 Punisher of Flame spawn around boss and silence characters attacking boss
        • Group of Evil Corps Legion and Evil Knightage Legius spawn
        • When key monster is eliminated among Evil Corps Legion and Evil Knightage Legius, Punisher of Flame (silenced) will disappear
        • Punisher of Flame (silenced), Evil Corps Legion, Evil Knightage Legius respawns every 12 seconds
      • Phase 5 (Groggy condition)
        • No monster spawns except boss
        • Boss with Resist Absolute Damage appears in groggy condition (Gets eliminated after attacked for 2,000 times with no DMG limit)
        • Boss in groggy condition has low attack stat
      • Final boss monster: Auretia of Evil Flame
  • Dungeon Info
      • To open guild dungeon:
        • Dungeon master gets to ‘Trial Entrance’ via NPC Ternene
        • From ‘Guild Dungeon’ UI (tombstone shaped dungeon portal), select desired dungeon to open
        • When dungeons open, members who are on-line will be informed by system message, guild chat and right corner below
      • Open cost: 1 Octane Crystal
        • Price: 2,000,000 Alz (Available in guild shop)
        • Requirement: Guild level 6 above
      • Daily open limit: Total 30 times per 1 guild
      • To join guild dungeon party:
        • Click ‘Join Party’ from guild dungeon UI and the character will be placed to Trial Entrance automatically
        • Go to Trial Entrance directly then click ‘Join Party’
      • Join cost: 1 Octane Crystal
        • The item disappears when joining party, and it won’t be restored even if one leaves the party
      • Joined members can use/apply buff not being affected by total number of party
      • No additional member can join the party that entered dungeon already
      • To enter guild dungeon:
        • Dungeon master clicks ‘Enter Dungeon’ button from guild dungeon UI
        • Members in Trial Entrance with same channel will be entered in 10 seconds automatically
        • If one fails to enter automatically or requirement is not met, click dungeon warp to enter manually
      • Dungeon entry limit
        • Dungeon entry time limit: 10 minutes after dungeon opens
        • If not entered within 10 minutes, the dungeon will be abandoned, the party will be dismissed and the entry item won’t be restored
    • Dungeon clear reward
      • Bless of Unity Lv.1
        • All members will obtain it when dungeon is cleared
        • Lasts 24 hours from the point which last party has cleared
        • Stats: Bless of Unity Lv.1
          • HP +50
          • Attack Rate +100
          • EXP +10%
          • Pet EXP +10%
          • All Attack +12
      • Cube of Octane
        • Party members will obtain it when dungeon is cleared and differential rewards will be given based on the difficulty
        • Obtained cube can be opened from guild dungeon UI after 7 hour and 50 minutes
        • Cube opens in order of looting and can be stored up to 3 maximum
        • Unwanted cube can be deleted and it can’t be restored after (Next reward will be available for open in 8 hours)
        • Can’t obtain while using personal trade, agent shop, personal shop
        • Cube drops Essence of Chaos Guardian
      • Token of Unity
        • Drops with random items from Cube of Octane and differential reward will be given based on difficulty
    • Tips for Dungeon
      • Color of monster’s dialogue can be used as guides
        • Orange dialogue: Indicates patterns of monsters
        • Red dialogue: Indicates phase change caused by boss HP
        • Yellow balloon: Indicates key monster that has to be eliminated to go further
        • Red balloon: Indicates regular dialogue
    • To dismiss the party after dungeon clear:
      • Dungeon master can disband manually
      • In 10 seconds after dungeon clear, all party members will be moved to Trial Entrance and be dismissed automatically
    • Event items do not drop in guild dungeon
  • New area, UI and guild member rank system
    • New guild icon / menu located on bar below
      • Guild UI shows up when clicked
    • Guild member rank system
      • New rank ‘Guild Manager’ equal to Guild Master authority
      • Dungeon master
        • Has authority to open guild dungeon
        • Only guild master and Guild Manager can have this authority
    • Guild dungeon area ‘Trial Entrance’
      • Guild member and characters above lv. 160 can enter this area
      • Can be entered via new NPC Ternene(X:14, Y:65) from Bloody Ice
      • New NPC Ternene
      • Guild dungeon can only be opened from this area

◈ Changes

1. Mounting and replacing bike / board items, the skill for summoning vehicle will be replaced automatically in the quick slot

2. Match the colour of item name between Item Acquisition UI and Inventory

3. Changes related to the premium service system message displayed in the character selection window

  • Changes in system message notation for the remaining time of premium services currently in effect
  • Relevant system message added when connected within 12 hours after premium service expires

4. Improvement of usability for manufacturing / requesting system

5. Reduce the size of Mission War “Tiera Gloriosa” map.

  • Areas which are marked with red will not be able to access

8. Mission War Balance

  • Increase stats point of Legacy Guardian, Legacy Barrier, Sage’ Ensign, War Gate
  • Increase stats of Buff Force Tower
  • Limit type of tower that can be built using Portable FT Panel
  • Reduce building time towers by half

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