Cabal Europe – Important Notice: Server Merge

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Greetings, CABAL Online fans,

We are excited to announce the merging of three communities into one, bigger and stronger one with a server merge for our Europe service. Red Moon, Mars and Jupiter will combine into Venus, which will join Mercury as the two servers for Europe.


Thank you to all the players who expressed their desire for this merge and for your patience while we worked toward this outcome. We know that our Europe players are some of the most passionate and devoted to the success of CABAL Online and we are excited to see how the community can grow in a new space with even more opportunities for friendships.

Ahead of the server merge, please review the below details as they contain important information about how the process will occur. We encourage you to thoroughly prepare for the server merge.

Server Merge Date: October 23th 18:00 – October 24th 03:00 (PDT)
Server Merge Date: October 24th 03:00 – 12:00 (CEST)

a) Mars, Jupiter, and Red Moon will be merged into new server Venus
b) Mercury won’t be affected and will remain as is

a) Names: all character names will be changed and each will be provided a rename card
b) Nation: all characters with a nation (Procyon/Capella) will be provided a Black Transmuter
c) 7th / 8th Character slot will be transferred
– If the account has 7th / 8th character slots on multiple servers, compensation will be given via mail
d) 6 or more Characters:
– By default, the account has a maximum of 6 characters, which can be extended to 7/8 with 7th/8th character slot extender
– Rules for characters to be transferred if exceeding what an account can accommodate
· Highest level
· If same level, highest EXP
· If same EXP, oldest creation date
e) Character based information will remain the same and transfer as is, including:
– Level, experience, stats, Alz, last position, honor points, achievements, mercenaries, equipment, inventory, bike inventory, request craft, production craft, received mail, quest, skills, runes, honor medal, and force wings.

Account-Based Information:
a) Agent Shop, Warehouse, Shared Achievements and Titles, Force Gem, Costume Warehouse
– The following information will be transferred from one server based on the following rule:
· Highest level
· If same level, highest sum of characters
· If same sum of characters, highest sum of EXP
· If same sum of EXP, by default Mars will be transferred
b) Merit Points
– Merit points will be combined via points and merit system will be reset
c) Force Gems
– Force Gems will be combined
d) Platinum Buffs
– Highest level of platinum buff will be merged
e) Blessing Beads
– Blessing bead information with longest duration will be merged

a) Names: all guild names will be changed and each guild will be provided a rename card to the Guild Master
b) Guild members, information, warehouse, emblem, and level will remain the same.

a) All agent shop items will expire
b) Agent shop favorites will be reset
c) ‘Saint’s Forcecalibur’ will be moved with current owner; however, notification will be removed
d) Bonus War winning nation will be reset
e) Mission War Score, Ranks, and Titles will be reset
f) Dungeon Rankings will be reset
g) Achievement Rankings will rearrange rankings
h) Legend Arena Rankings will be reset
l) Inventory Equipment Locks will be reset
m) Temporarily Disabled Items After Merge
– Account Transfers
– Server Transfers
– Wormhole Generator

Q: What servers are merging?
A: Mars, Jupiter, and Red Moon will be merging into a new server, Venus

Q: What if I have more than 6 characters?
A: Character transfer will occur as follows: highest level, exp, oldest creation date

Q: What if I have items in warehouses from different servers?
A: Only one warehouse will be transferred to Venus, based on the following rules;
· Highest level
· If same level, highest sum of characters
· If same sum of characters, highest sum of EXP
· If the same sum of EXP, by default Mars will be transferred

Q: What will happen to my Character/Guild Name?
A: ALL character and guild names will be changed and rename cards will be provided. Names will be available on a first come first serve basis once server opens, we recommend you keep up to date with our maintenance schedule as we will post notices in advance notices when servers will open.

Keep up to date with all our news for detailed information regarding our merge and opening of the new server.

CABAL Support Team

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