Cabal Mobile – Game got awarded “Best Beta of March 2019” and “Open Beta” announced?!

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CEO of “One Store” Mr. Lee Jae-Hwan (이재환) announced on April 11th 2019 that they has just selected the “Cabal Mobile” (카발모바일 / 카발 Mobile) from ESTGames as the “Best Beta of March 2019”

“Cabal Mobile” is a mobile MMORPG that inherited from the PC version “Cabal Online”, a game with a strong story line which is built on its own graphic engine. “Cabal Mobile” itself received the most excellent game for March 2019 that keeps building up the image of “Cabal Online”, game with various combat style, special combo system and hack-and-slash game play.

President of ESTSoft Mr. Lee Yeong Beak (이형백) said: “I think from my point of view, the Cabal Mobile got the same level of fun that I got from the PC version Cabal Online. And based on the output of Beta test, we are working and trying our best to deliver the most epic game ever.”

By end of February 2019, ESTGames release the trailer of Cabal Mobile, and also announced the Closed Beta test for the game.

Cabal Mobile trailer DEEP ANALYSIS with 45 things that you might MISSED!

The original PC version MMORPG “Cabal Online” is developed by ESTGames and is now covering around 60 countries all over the world like Japan, China, South East Asia, Europe and Brazil. By 2012, ESTGames launched a sequel MMORPG Cabal 2. From 2015, ESTGames stepped their feet into the mobile area with “Cat Cafe” and “Nova Wars: The Commander League”.

Since the game got selected as Best Beta for March 2019, “Cabal Mobile” is going to get support with the cloud-computing infrastructure from SK C&C, further details will be announced later. And also planning to make events, such as: during the next month, players who would fill up the survey from the site could get up to 10,000 Won of Game Cash

⚠️ There are some unofficial source said that ESTGames will allow the registration for the next phase by end of April and then the final date for the next phase will be announced later. They didn’t confirm if the next phase will be Open Beta or game will just jump into the Public status.

Currently the game on Android Play Store is marked with “under-development” and for One Store they removed the game until the open beta duration. Still there is no final date for global version or Apple devices. Last official announcement from developers can be found here: this post (regarding the progress of reviewing bugs after the closed beta period).

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  1. I love this Game.. I remember when the first time it release on PC. I played almost 12 hours every day.. but now it come to Cell phone I don’t know how many hours it will gonna be.. hehehe..


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