Cabal Mobile – Game is now being improved based on Feedback of CBT

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This is the unofficial translation for the official announcement from ESTGames regarding Cabal Mobile on 22nd March 2019.

Hello from Cabal Mobile.

From the CBT survey and via official community page, we have received lots of support, encouragement and suggestion for improvement.

Massive thanks for leaving your comments. We are working intensively to collect, organise and accommodate as much as we could, all of your valuable comments. Until now, there is no exact confirmation for any details of changes, and also, none of these changes were applied yet.

This post is for summarising categories of changes and updates that we are working on. In the future, more detailed information of changes and additions will be informed.

We are focusing on important critical bugs such as:

  • The dungeon state is not maintained due to the quest termination after network disconnected.
  • Teleport to the abnormal spots, quest is given up after network disconnected.
  • Game is forcefully closed.

These kind of bugs are treated with highest priority. Based on game log, feedback from players, we are analysing the every single detail to find the root cause to fix them before the next launch.

Players who play Cabal Online easily catch up with Cabal Mobile; however, new players sometimes get struggles to get familiar with contents and features. Further tutorials would be implemented for new players, also unnecessary tutorials will be cleaned up, so that players can focus on the main things easily.

Tutorials should be adaptive that they will be fit with experienced players as well as new players.

It will be depended on both game difficulty and players’ skill for progressing quests.

Players with high-end gears always can assist low level players, for low level grades, amount of EXP rewards will be downward.

Combo skill will be given at earlier stage, that can help players lots in battle.

Named bosses are now dropping character-binding items, these items are useful for low level character, we are planning to revise these items because these items occupy slots in the inventory.

Many players asked for the mass-drop items, we are considering this request.

We will consider to add the auto-equip feature, that based on battle style and force options.

  • UI stands for User Interface, UX stands for User Experience

Currently, when the “Auto” mode is off, there is a small delay until character starts to behave properly.

Game UI will be improved so that player can easily check the buff / debuff status of party member and monster.

When players get into dungeons with party, the automatic movement cannot be done, and it makes some difficulty for player. This is also under review for improvement.

  • Trading system will be implemented as per suggested by lots of players.
  • Social actions (dance, showing expression,…) will be tweaked to make them easier to use.
  • Character creation screen will be re-designed with better graphic and showing some class-specific details.
  • An in-game UI for changing channel will be added, so that player don’t have to leave the game for changing channel.
  • Party Search UI will be revised with some extra criteria.

We are looking forward to the official launching with all above
(and others) improvements .        

Thank you again, for participating in the Closed Beta of Cabal Mobile for the last 5 days.   

Thank you . 


  1. Pls include the requred for the storage in cabal. Im a online gaming addict of cabal since it was very started. Because lots of users in tge forum asking if a 2gb ram can ran in their unit using cabal mobile, others wants to improve to minimize and consider this issue.

    Im am truely sincered to see this concern in your improvements. More power


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