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It is 4 days already since the closure of Cabal Mobile Closed Beta (CBT). I still can feel the Nevareth-on-the-go experience that I had. Now developers are working on the bug and feedback report. Let’s take a look of the Future of Cabal Mobile…

CBT is over

On the homepage of Cabal Mobile, ESTGames expressed their deep appreciation to all CBT testers.

On the official site, they also posted an announcement for the closure and shared that, now they are working seriously on all feedback and suggestion, in order to get a smooth and better Cabal Mobile for the next public launch*

As ESTGames announced, we are now can look forward to the launching of the next public version. So there is also chance that they will skip the Open Beta, or still have it?! The term “next public launch” (다음 정식 런칭) is quite vague… It can refer to the Open Beta, where you don’t have to register as a tester, or it can refer to the final official launch.

How can I play with Korean text?!

Intentionally, Cabal Mobile is targeted for Korean citizen. Due to the leak of installation file, lots of non-Korean tried to play the game and screamed out loud for the English version. This is inevitable since the CBT and the game itself are both not targeted for non-Korean.

The launch of CBT in Korean is just for testing the game stability. All legal testers (who were registered for the CBT through the official website) received a survey with several questions. Together, with the feedback that people sent on the official site and from the survey, ESTGames will sort them out and solve all the problems. But as per the developers, they are also working on the Global version which might be available by late 2019. So we can expect to get the CBT officially for Global version (which will be available in English and even in other languages).

Game Content?!

For the CBT, we can level our character up to 99, enjoy the signature system of Cabal such as Combo, Battle Mode 1/2 and explore Mission Dungeons like Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of the Dead B1F and Volcanic Citadel.

However, in the future, other contents will also be released (in fact, for the internal developing version, they have access to level 200, Overlord system, Palladium items, new Battle Styles like Force Gunner and Gladiator…). If you want to know other features which will be available in Cabal Mobile, you can take a look at this clip that I posted some days ago on my Youtube channel:


Lots of gamers asked if the Cabal Mobile and Cabal Online are the same or not? Let’s take a look of this situation:

You wake up early in the morning at 6AM, decided to farm some Crazy Steamer dungeons. You completed 4 times, and want to get the bonus chest; but found out that you have to leave home for office. Leaving your home, grab your mobile, sit tight on the bus and complete the 5th Crazy Steamer to get the bonus chest. Sound cool?

However, due to the distribution paradigm of Cabal Online (PC version) that each region or country has their own version and server. The dream of having a cross-platform seems to be impossible. If you want to have a cross-platform, then first we need an unified Cabal publisher; like instead of play in COPH, COEU, CONA… we need something like Cabal (real) Global where all data of Cabal store in a single chain of servers.

Still we don’t have any official confirmation from ESTGames regarding this idea, but from my point of view, the chance to get cross-platform like that is very low. In another hand, who knows, we might have something like Cabal Mobile PH, Cabal Mobile EU, Cabal Mobile NA… then the dream of continuous-playing between different device could be true…

Android vs. iOS?!

Lots of gamers asked, can they play with Apple devices, which come with iOS? The answer is “No” and “Yes”.

The answer is “No” because now ESTGames spends all of their effort to finalise the Android OS version first. The reason is, the amount of device which run with Android OS is around three (03) times of iOS device. By focusing on Android device first, they can get lots of feedback and cover a bigger market.

Market share between iOS and Android, Feb 2019 (Source: StatCounter)

The answer is “Yes” because ESTGames official confirmed that, once the version for Android is public and operates smoothly, they will also bring the iOS version to gamers.

Some last words…

From my point of view, having Cabal Mobile is good, it’s like reviving lots of old memories, it brings lots of old buddies together, who played that Cabal Online 10 years ago. However, the idea of making Cabal Mobile and Cabal Online as cross-platform game is also good, it ensures that you can enjoy whatever you already have in your Cabal Online. Have to go out for some reasons, sit on bus, just open Cabal Mobile and play with your character that you have on Cabal Online. Sit on the train play Cabal Mobile for long time make your feel little bit tired with small screen… reach home, throw your backpack away, turn on your PC and continue your journey with Cabal Online…

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