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So the Closed Beta for Cabal Mobile has closed, within only 5 days (13-Mar-2019 to 17-Mar-2019), there were over 10,000+ installs. That’s more than enough to prove the heat of Cabal Mobile as well as Cabal. Today, I will write a small (and late) review for Cabal Mobile.

The post won’t go details like we have Combo, we have Aura (if you looking for these kind of review, check two clips which I attached with this post).

Let’s start…

My first reaction was OMG OMG OMG, when they announced that “Cabal Mobile is going to open for Closed Beta”. Tried to apply right on the first day of pre-registration, I got selected as one of Closed Beta tester. At that time, all we had were some small leaks of screenshots and a 30 seconds trailer clip.

Ensure that you watched the trailer clip carefully. If not, take a look on the trailer breakdown clip that will gives you 45 things that you might missed…

Some days right before the Closed Beta (CBT), ESTGames decided to announce the CBT exact duration which would be from 13-Mar-2019 til 17-Mar-2019. Even all players, including me, knew about that short duration before; but still we all expected to get some changes for the CBT end-date.

In the same day, they announced the minimum system requirement for running Cabal Mobile on Android devices, as well as the official announcement for iOS version.

First Impression!

Every single core feature of the Cabal Online are replicated here on Cabal Mobile. If you play Cabal Online before, then you won’t have to spend much time to get into the Cabal Mobile story line, concept and other things, except for only navigation system and game user interface.

Whatever you can get in Cabal Online, it seems like you can also get from Cabal Mobile (however, due to testing of CBT, lots of contents were blocked).

No mouse! No keyboard! Go touch!

ESTGames did the marvelous port from PC version to mobile device version; all the vast world of Nevareth were represented in Cabal Mobile. But, gamers are lack of very important weapon, important tool: mouse and keyboard! They utilised the “touch-screen” with touch and related gestures as much as they can. All kind of new touches and gestures were described on the screen with clear guidelines.

Same graphic! Better User Interface!

The quality of game graphic and audio can be equally compared with the PC version. Since the game was developed with “Snake” engine (which was used for building Cabal Online also), all of 3D elements have the same look-and-feel like PC version.

3D models are resizable, so they can reuse them. In opposition, game user interface cannot be reused, due to the limitation of screen size, interaction… The game user interface was redesigned, cleaner and clearer with glossy, eye-catchy style.

Fine Tuning…

Not only maintaining the quality of PC version, with open-world and immersive story line; they did lots of improvement for the game for utilising the support of mobile devices as well as enhancing the user interface experience. Game is more easier to approach for new-bie (like they add Grade for item, and marked them with these grade – G0, G1, G2…) and deliver better support to veteran players (enhanced inventory…)

Cash Shop is the monetisation system of Cabal Mobile, here you can buy items using Force Gem. The intermediate “Cash” has been discarded. If you want to buy some cash-related items, you can just buy Force Gem, and then using gem to buy the cash-related item.

Strong Backbone! Bright Future!

With the limitation of short time for Closed Beta like that; for sure, we cannot enjoy Cabal Mobile on all perspectives. But we all know, what are waiting for us in the Future of Cabal Mobile.

Take a look at the Intro Clip Breakdown for some Facts and Future of Cabal Mobile

The fan-base of Cabal Online is huge and spread all over 60 countries, we are waiting for the release of Cabal Mobile, day by day. And looking for one day, that you can have the continuous experience of gameplay between PC version and mobile version.

Stay tuned with me for all of incoming news and updates of both Cabal Online and Cabal Mobile.

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