Cabal Online – Road Map for First Half of 2019

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Hi there! 

March is coming with very pleasant weather, it’s warmer and the flowers are blooming everywhere in the spring… Hope that all of you guys are looking forward to getting some awesome news of Cabal!

Recently, we received lots of request for the road map of incoming updates. Today, we are sharing with you the road map of first half of 2019.

Four new dungeons will be added for DX category. The first dungeon will be added is “Lava Hellfire 2”. The dungeon will be based on and continue the story of “Lava Hellfire”. Here you can get the top-epic item for the newest set Demonite. Lots of powerful monsters are waiting for courage warriors with lots of rewards…

A related content of DX Dungeon is Epic Booster, also know as the Symbolic item of DX dungeon will also be revised. Epic Booster will be categorised into levels with Medium, High, Highest and Ultimate. After the revision, Epic Booster can be used accordingly to item grade.

Epic Booster (Ultimate) will be added later after all of 4 new DX Dungeons.

Nowadays, we found lots of unnecessary items, everywhere. Normally you will drop it on the ground… But imagine, if you can register that item into the collection for getting reward. Will it be cool?

We are categorizing items in different group, themes and accordingly, we have lots of rewards. More information is coming soon for the Spring update!

Guild Members! Are you ready to cooperate? The incoming update for Guild is almost here with “Guild Treasure”. It is a game where guild members can enjoy in different ways. Once you get the rewards, it can be shared with all guild members.

Since you can share the rewards with others, this will play are big role for improving the unity of Guild!

Other updates will be implemented such as for solving the full inventory, ranking system for Guild Mission, Link Weapon slot expansion, the categorization of Epic Boosters and more…

Summer is quite far from now, but still, we give you some small tips. Lots of players got their Force Wing trained to max level, but… it is only the Normal Grade, your Force Wing can be transcended by “Force Wing Dungeon”, other big contents are coming and we will update you regularly and on time.

Besides, we will try our best to provide the best game quality by monitoring the game and listening to Cabal community and getting feedback from players.

Thanks for staying with Cabal for long time and keep staying with us.

Love you all!

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