ESTGames did registration for Cabal Mobile

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By mid of January 2019, ESTGames has successfully filed their applications for registering trademark of their incoming Cabal Mobile game (which also known as Project: Alice or Project: MC2 or even with Cabal: Another Epic).

The trademarks were filed with 04 different names:

  • Cabal Mobile
  • Cabal M
  • 카발모바일
  • 카발M

All of these four (04) trademarks were filed with different categories such as:

  • Communication
  • Education business; Training services; Entertainment business; Sports and cultural activities
  • Science, navigation, surveying, photography, film, optics, weighing, measuring, signaling, surveillance, lifesaving and educational equipment; Electric conduction, converters software; Devices for fire fighting, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling; An apparatus for recording, transmitting or reproducing sound or image; Magnetic data media, recording discs; CD, DVD and other digital recording media; Coin operated machinery; Cash register, calculator, data processing device, computer; Computer software, fire extinguisher

Lots of things are too much uncertain to say but still, more and more leaks keep coming.

Just stay tuned with my channels and you won’t miss any important news!


  1. I want to ask if I can join the pre registration and to be a beta player. Im from philippines.

    Is there a chance that like me not from korea can register and play Cabal in the day when Cabal Mobile launch.

    Hope they will give chance players from other country to play as a beta player.

    I will wait for your Reply. Thanks


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