Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 2 : August 22nd 2018 Patch notes

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The patch is applied for public server with all contents from August 17th 2018. So you will see some redundant contents.

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug related to abnormal output from Legend Arena Potion Box (Lv. 4)

2. Fixed bug that shows abnormal item type for Costume Epic Seal

3. Fixed bug that shows Costume tab when player tries to open Inventory

■ Changes

1. Changed the maximum level for Chaos Upgrade for Earrings from 9 to 12

  • Chaos Upgrade for Earrings can be done up to 12 (was 9)
  • From 9 and above, you need 4 cores for upgrading
  • Stats

You can check the clip of Chaos Upgrade for Earring here:

2. Upgrading maximum number according to guild level

  • From Level 9:
    • Level 9: Old: 150 / New: 210
    • Level 10: Old: 150 / New: 240
    • Level 11: Old: 150 / New: 270
    • Level 12: Old: 150 / New: 300

3. Change attack range of monsters in Mirage Island: Increase range of monsters in dungeon, except for some specific bosses

4. Change the order of items in cash inventory to show the newest bought item first

5. Max level limit for Classic server increased to 199

■ Additions

1. Granting Options and Epic for Force Wing Costume

  • Add costume slots to Force Wing Costume
    • One slot for Force Wing Costume with stats
    • One slot for Display Force Wing Costume
    • If you don’t have any Force Wing Costume in “Display” slot, the another one will be displayed

  • Add Slot for Force Wing Costume
    • Force Wing Costume can be extended using Force Wing Costume Slot Converter
    • Force Wing Costume Slot Converter can be found from NPC Chloe
      • Price: 15 Light Feathers
      • Light Feathers can be obtained from Extraordinary Spell Book (Normal) with specific rate
    • Force Wing Costume can be extended up to 3 slots
      • On success: New slot will be added
      • On failure: Force Wing Costume Slot Converted will be disappeared

  • Grant Option for Force Wing Costume
    • Option can be given using Option Scroll – Force Wing Costume on Force Wing Costume with free slot(s)
    • For each Force Core used, success rate will be increased by 2.5% (base rate is 49%)
    • Options
    • Granting slot options fee
      • No duplication: 500,000 Alz
      • One duplicated slot: 1,000,000 Alz
      • Two duplicated slots: 2,000,000 Alz
    • Extraordinary Spell Book (Normal)
      • Randomly output
        • Light Feather
        • Option Scroll – Force Wing Costume
      • Price:
        • 5,000,000 Alz
        • 100 AP
      • Available from: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte – Port Lux

  • Force Wing Costume Option Seal
    • Force Wing Costume Safety Kit
      • Able to store all options of Force Wing Costume into Force Wing Costume Capsule
    • Force Wing Costume Capsule
      • Store the options from a Force Wing Costume

        Account Binding

      • Able to reuse on a Force Wing Costume with equal or more slots than Capsule
    • Force Wing Costume Capsule Seal

        Able to seal Force Wing Costume Capsule for trading

  • Force Wing Costume Epic Converter
    • Use for adding Epic option for Force Wing Costume
    • Able to apply on Force Wing Costume with 2 slots or more
    • Options

  • Force Wing Costume Epic Option Reset
    • Item for reset Force Wing Costume Epic Option
  • Force Wing Costume Epic Seal
    • Able to seal Epic Option of Force Wing Costume
    • Trade-able
    • Can be reused on other Force Wing Costume to grant the epic option

2. Added Dungeon forced view-range

  • Add the ability for controlling the view-range in dungeon
    • In some dungeons, view-range will be applied based on the new option (override the normal view-range option)
    •  Applicable for:
      • Catacombs Frost (all)
      • Illusion Castle – Underworld
      • Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall
      • Mirage Island

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