Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 2 : COKR : Leak : Force Wing Costume

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Just got some new media for showing with you guys 😉 Yes, another “LEAK”, behold: The Force Wing Costume! All of these Force Wing Costume will cover the original default white Force Wing that you obtain from the Holy Water item.

Flower Wing

The combination of Golden Wing with lots of red flowers brings you an ultimate fashion costume for your Force Wing

Mechanic Wing

Suitable for Cabal Spacesuit, Electronica or any fictional suits. The wings glow in the dark and make you like the lead of adventurers. I would definitely get this costume and take some screenshot in Maquinas Outpost dungeon to make these monster feel jealous with my epic wing!

Succubus Wing

Inspired from Succubus on Porta Inferno, these wings come with pinky colour. People keep saying that these wings have some special abilities for seducing monsters; while you move, these wings keep flapping and hypnotising monsters… I will try this with my character, standing outside Devil’s Tower (in Porta Inferno) and dancing…

Devil Wing

They call this as Devil Wing, but I myself think that it looks like Harpies (in Illusion Castle) wing, even it comes with some spiky thorns but still @_@

Fairy Wing

Oh, yeah! The most epic fancy Wing is here. Just imagine… Wearing this and try to make some fancy skills in Forbidden Island. OMG, can’t wait any more!!!

Black Wing

The Black Wing gives you a kind of scary but luxury look, you can combine it with any kind of dark costume like Aizhan suit, Nevareth Police, Nevareth Biker… It would look bad-ass if you ride your Harley Bike, wear Nevareth Biker costume and with this Black Wing…


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