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Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 1 : COKR : July 5th 2018 Patch notes

Update 6: Complete all character skills change & Force Wing information
Update 5: Complete WA, BL, WI, FA, FS, FB, GL
Update 4: Complete WA, BL, WI, FA, FS
Update 3: Complete WA, BL, WI, FA
Update 2: Completed WA, BL
Update 1: Completed for summary of all characters, Force Wing related update

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that makes losing Force Gem when purchasing items from Auction House

2. Fixed bugs related to client disconnection in certain situations

■ Changes

* Options which are RED inside table are options are adjusted based on June 28th 2018 update.

1. Change related to Battle Mode / Skill options & effects

  • Change related to Battle Mode 3 amp. effect for multiple target with Attack Skill A/B
    • Amount limit by class:
      • Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator: 1~7 targets
      • Blader: 2~5 targets
        • In case there is only one target, amp. is raised
      • Force Blader: 1~5 targets
    • Comparison of amp. effect
      • Blader 1 target > Blader 2~5 targets = Force Blader 5 targets > Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator 7 targets
  • Warrior
    • Changes
      • Axe Attack A/B, Axe Fatal Attack 1~3: Increase Add Damage
      • Increase maximum value for Defense of Bloody Spirit skill from x20% to 25%
    • Details

  • Blader
    • Changes
      • Battle Mode 1 & 3: Adjust Defense Rate, Evasion
      • Battle Mode 2: Adjust Defense Rate
      • Battle Mode 2 & 3: Adjust stats accordingly with Public Server
      • Knucklet Attack A/B: Add Penetration
      • Knucklet Fatal Attack 1~3: Increase Critical DMG
      • Skill Intense Blade: Add Attack & Evasion
    • Details

  • Wizard
    • Changes
      • Battle Mode 3 Elemental Attack A/B: Increase Penetration slightly
      • Mass Restore:
        • Instant Cast
        • Reduce Cooldown
        • Increase Heal amount
    • Details

  • Force Archer
    • Changes
      • Add stats for Battle Mode 1 & 2
      • Adjust Attack Rate of Battle Mode 1~3
    • Details

  • Force Shielder
    • Changes
      • Boost for Special Attack skill of Battle Mode 2
      • Increase Add Damage and Critical DMG slightly for Hammer Attack A/B, Hammer Fatal Attack 1~3
      • Boost Defense for some skills
      • Mortal Bane, change Defense from x10% to x30%
      • Adjust Defense and DMG Reduction based on equipped items
        • Eg. if you wear Palladium items, DMG Reduction is boosted by 75, Defense is boosted by 212
    • Details

  • Force Blader
    • Changes
      • Battle Mode 1~3 adjust Ignore Accuracy
      • Split Attack A/B knockback range increased
      • Split Attack A/B, Split Fatal Attack 1~3 increase Add Damage and Critical DMG
    • Details

  • Gladiator
    • Changes
      • Increase Genocide Special Attack Attack Range
      • Add some skill options & slightly increase stats
      • Increase Defense of Bloody Rusk from x20% to x25%
    • Details

  • Force Gunner
    • Changes
      • Adjust Attack Rate & Accuracy of Battle Mode 1 & 2
      • Adjust Battle Mode 2 & 3 Defense
      • Adjust Battle Mode 3 Accuracy
      • Increase Attack & Skill Amp for Battle Mode 2 Attack
      • Change penalty of Battle Mode 3 Synergy “Operation Plan” from -300 Defense to -80 Defense
      • Add Attack Rate and Critical DMG for Target Focus skill
    • Details

2. Additions & Changes for Force Wing

  • Change the required level for Holy Water is 130
  • Change the icon for activating Force Wing UI to Force Wing icon

  • Add Force Wing skills
    • Features
      • Passive and Buff skills exclusively for Force Wing
      • Can learn from Skill Book
        • Will be available from NPC later, now in Test period, you can get it from Event NPC
      • Can use in Mission War / PVP Battle
    • Force Wing Skills

3. Adjust Bike Stats / Epic Option

  • Adjust Bike Epic options
  • Adjust Magic Attack related stats


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    • Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator: 1~7 targets
      Blader: 2~5 targets (In case there is only one target, amp. is raised)
      Force Blader: 1~5 targets


  1. Any info on how much amp the epic gives on new transcendence gear, or the PC stats on epics on new TW7 (like PW5 gives 90, how much on TW7?)


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