CABAL Mobile: What, Where, Who, When, Why and How?

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Recently, on a news Korean page, they brought back the topic of “CABAL Mobile” after 3 years of silence… This blog entry is for analysing all news and information that we got at this moment and trying to illustrate the bigger picture… The blog entry will be written in format of 5W1H (What, Where, Who, When, Why and How).


The game was built based on Snake engine which was used for building desktop version of CABAL Online. However, game graphic is upgraded a lot in comparison with CABAL Online, the project was announced in G-Star 2014 with code name Project: MC2, they teased us with a screenshot and thousands of feedback were given that: The graphic of the screenshot was ways too much upgraded in comparison with the original CABAL Online. People keep saying that it looks like CABAL 2.


As per the information from the developer, the new game will focus also in PvP aspect. Game also introduces the skill-rank-matching system, it depends on players’ skill (playing skill not character skill) to match players. So in game, you will have to fight against opponents with REAL intelligence, not the AI one.

Many gamers complain that many MMOs should be massively-multiplayer but some how, they don’t need that “massively-multiplayer” to do things, they can do it alone. Therefore, in the new game, developers push the collaboration to the max by requesting several quests to be done in party with other players.



Since the game relied on CABAL Online / CABAL 2 story, there are thousands of theories that game will be in Nevareth (CABAL Online) or Ektensia (CABAL 2). News sources keep showing that the mobile game will be CABAL 2 IP (intellectual property), meant the new game would use several concepts from CABAL 2. But we have no confirmation from the developers yet, we can aim for both Nevareth, Ektensia or even a brand new continent…



The average age of players for CABAL Online and CABAL 2 were around 40. In the new mobile game, expected age range of players is from 10 up to 30 (quite big huh?!). I wonder that how can developers satisfy the taste of that huge range of players like that? Like teenagers will surely like cartoon-style action figures, while 30-ers who stick with the prequels (or sequels – no idea), would love to see things that they had in original games (CABAL Online and CABAL 2).

Developers reveal that you could pick your best character from dozens of available characters and then give him / her a pet for accompanying with. You have to build up a party consists of 3 characters and pets for fighting. Game will focus on “STRATEGY” aspect, how can you form your dream-team for fighting back opponents?



Latest news discloses that game will be out in Korea this winter (2018), and seems that NEXON will get the permissions to publish the game (no final confirmation for this). There were also some rumors that, game will be available outside Korea by summer 2019?!



Why would you play CABAL Mobile? CABAL Online and CABAL 2 are desktop-based game, you need a medium-end or high-end PC to enjoy your adventures. But during the day, you have to travel a lot, to school, to work with public transportation, a mobile-game with CABAL related story would fill up your day with epic battles and funny chit-chat with your buddies. Yes, the main reason is “portability”, according to an article on “GamesRadar”:

Perhaps one of the easiest reasons mobile games are so popular is because theyre easily accessible. Practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so anyone from your grandma to your little cousin can download a game on his or her iPhone and start gaming right away. Even adults, who wouldn’t even consider themselves gamers, are drawn in by the addictive nature of games like Words with Friends and Candy Crush. Downloading games is also pretty painless, and can be done all in a matter of seconds. When you compare that to going to the store to buy a game for your Xbox, its a no-brainer mobile games are more consumer-friendly.

To add to all the happy people, mobile games are portable right out of their nonexistent box and can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. Whether you are waiting for a bus or want to make that trip to the toilet a little more fun (trust me, people play on the can), games like Angry Birds or Hero Academy are there to the rescue. Of course, if you use your phone for more than just gaming, you may need to invest in an extra battery for when, you know, you need to actually make calls.


How can you play? Until now, that’s all information we have, according to these information, we can expect to have a high-end graphic mobile game with game play mixed between PvP and Strategy. Since Korea will get the game this winter, we can expect to get it by summer 2019 for global release.

But remember that, the game is now only targeted for Android device (up to the latest news), so it will be a bad news for iOS users ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But no one knows, they might develop the iOS version already or in near future.


How to get more information regarding this game? It’s easy, stay tuned, keep following my channels for more incoming news ๐Ÿ™‚



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