CABAL in 2018 : Plan for second half of 2018

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Yes, it’s not prediction, or guess anymore. Now it’s real.

Let me guide you through the incoming update for CABAL in second half of 2018.

And also be ready for incoming weeks with the new update contents.

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Hello and Good morning everyone!

Hope that you are enjoying the warm spring days (unless you are in Southern Hemisphere, then you are suffering the winter 😛 )

Thousands of questions for the incoming update were risen by all beloved CABALers all over the world.

Today, finally I have some updates to share with you!

A. New Core Grade and Related Equipment

We all know that the “Highest” core level rules the Nevareth for years… How about a new grade for item?

Yes the item grade named “Second Stage” (초월급) is coming soon (name is subjected to change).

And since the new “Second Stage” grade is available, new gears with the new grade are there also.

The new equipment set is “Demon Knight” which is higher than “Palladium” equipment.

All of cores will be available in the new grade like Upgrade Core (Second Stage), Force Core (Second Stage), Slot Extender (Second Stage)…

Since a new high grade of equipment is being added into the game, we will also perform some balance for ensuring that there will not be a lot of imbalance in game.

B. Force Wing

This summer (in Korean Cabal), a brand new content will be available, which is “Force Wing“. By enhancing body with force, the power will grow and expose as form of the Force Wing from the back side of character.

Don’t worry, the wing is not only a decoration item but also boosts your character. We are planning to add different grow factors for the wing.

C. New DX Dungeon “Mirage Island”

A new DX Dungeon is also introduced as the supply for new equipment.

We will have a brand new island dungeon with name of “Mirage Island“, it won’t look like “Forbidden Island”, it will be something more terrible than anything you have seen before. The dungeon is quite lively and filled up with wildlife…

“Demon Knight” items will be available as drop from this DX Dungeon; therefore, you can expect to face with a very scary, tough dungeon… You need to calm down your mind and pay full attention here for safety…

From this “Mirage Island” you can also get some new Essence Runes which can boost your character.

See, you have lots of reason for challenging this dungeon!

D. Guild Renewal

Through the time, players have to shout with megaphone for recruiting members so it can be ranked up among the community…

We are going to reorganise the Guild system to reduce effort for both guild master and members. Such as: tune up the way for performing PR (public relations) activities so that players can view guild summary at glance and try to apply easily.

Several contents and events are going to be added exclusively for Guild.

E. Battle Mode 1 & 2

Battle Mode 1 & 2 will get some rebalance and improvement so that it will be more usable and effective in comparison with Battle Mode 3.

Specific “Special Skill” will be added that helps you in specific situations so you can pick the appropriate battle mode.

Rebalance will be applied so we can see all warriors (warriors meant all players, not only Warrior Battle Style) of Nevareth fighting under the Astral power…

F. Others

New “Chaos Arena Lv. 7” will be added where you can get new Core level.

And also Pet level limitation will be release to 30 (instead of 20), and you can use Force Core (Second Stage) to granting option (training pet skill).


We are always open for getting feedback and comments from CABAL community. If you have any troubles, comments or feedback; don’t hesitate to revert back to us!

We are looking forward to your attention and love for CABAL!


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