Cabal Global – Event – Welcome back to Nevareth

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Currently, for Cabal GSP, they do have the event for welcoming back players, who haven’t logged in for last 60 days.

By logging in, players can receive a huge kit for welcoming back including:

  • Platinum Service 30D that gives you
    • EXP +25%
      Skill EXP +25%
      Pet EXP +25%
      WEXP +25%
      AXP +25%
      Drop Rate +25%
      Expand Inventory +2
      Expand Personal Warehouse +2
      GPS Warp
      Agent Shop Register QTY x15
      Agent Shop Slot +2
      Premium Channel
  • SIG-Metal equipment set +15, 60D
    • Armor pieces are at +15 with 7% amp and other slot are
      • Armor: HP
      • Gloves: Defense
      • Boots: HP
    • Helmet is with 16% Crit. DMG and 2nd slot is also Crit. DMG
    • Weapons are with 1 Crit. Rate and 1 Crit. DMG
  • GM’s Blessing (Lv. 2) Holy Water, 30D
  • HP/MP Potion (Lv.4) x999 ea
  • Carnelian +8, 90D
  • Arcana of Guardian +7, 60D
  • Minesta’s Amber Charm+5, 45D
  • Minesta’s Chaos Guardian/Fighter/Sage Belt +8 90D

Be noted that all items are Account Bound and they will expire after the specified duration, even if you upgrade them.

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