Cabal Episode 21 – COKR – May 03rd 2018 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused abnormal calculation for Magic Attack due to Evasion stats in certain situations.

2. Fixed bug that makes character blinking when certain people cast skill.

3. Fixed bug related to “Beginner Adventurer Kit” that make the wings flap abnormally.

4. Fixed bug that didn’t allow player to retrieve Devil’s Token from auction hall

■ Changes

1. Changes related to “Chaos Arena” Dungeon

  • Chaos Arena Lv. 1 – Lv. 6 Dungeon monster spawn time change
    • Reduced from 70-80 seconds to 50 seconds
  • Change the entry limitation
    • Chaos Arena Lv. 1 – Lv. 5: Change the max level limitation to 200
  • Change the Chaos Arena Entrance to Bloody Ice (64,14)




2. Changed to re-enable the entry of three weakened dungeons

  • Dungeon Entry Items
    • Available from NPC “Unknown” in Bloody Ice
    • Price
      • Weakened Lake in Dusk: 700,000 Alz
      • Weakened Ruina Station: 1,000,000 Alz
      • Weakened Tower of the Dead B1F: 1,500,000 Alz
  • Dungeon Restrictions
    • Increased up to level 200, 5 times a day, 4 reset a day


3. Illusion Castle Underworld

  • Quest Stones are dropable (Red/Green/Blue)
  • On quest completion, quest item will be removed from inventory

4. Changes to dungeon entry sale

  • New tab for Dungeon Entries which is “Dungeon”
  • Old tab is named as “General” for all other items

■ Additions

1. Add new NPC to sell Dungeon Entry item

  • New NPC “Unknown”
  • Location: Bloody Ice (10,39)
  • Sell only Dungeon Entry Item
  • All Dungeon Entry items which are available from NPC are removed out of drop table



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