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#EP21 April 05th 2018 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug related to abnormal messages shown while adding buddy

2. Fixed bug related to abnormal drops in dungeon

■ Changes

1. Increase stats of Rare – Lycanus Weapons

2. Stop dropping some materials which are available from Manufacturing Merchant

  • Strange Stem
  • Blue Feather
  • Familiar Mineral
  • Silver Jewel
  • Powerless Core
  • Shining Tooth

■ Additions

1. Chaos Upgrade for Earrings

  • Chaos Stats can be added to some existing Earrings
  • Chaos Converter
    • Enable Chaos Upgrade for Earrings
    • How to use
      • Right-click on the converter then click on the earrings you want to convert (to add Chaos stats)
      • After used Chaos Converter, item will be at Chaos Level +1
    • How to get
      • From NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice / Remote Shop
      • Price:
        • Nix’s Jewel x 1
        • 10,000,000 Alz
      • Add new recipe for requesting “Nix’s Jewel”
      • New item “Nix’s Broken Tiara” can be obtained from the last boss of new DX Dungeon “Pademonium”
        • Material item is Character Binding
    • Applicable for:
      • Earrings +6 or above and Drosnin Earrings
        • Earring of Guard +6 ~ +9
        • Vampiric Earring +6 ~ +9
        • Force Regen Earring +6 ~ +7
        • Defensive Earring +6 ~ +7
        • Drosnin’s Earring
      • Earrings must not have Chaos stats yet
  • Chaos Upgrade
    • Use the same Upgrade UI
    • Only Chaos stats will get increased
    • Can be upgraded up to +9
    • Results:
      • Success: Chaos Level +1
      • Failure: Chaos Level reset (remove Chaos Level, need to do Convert again, item won’t be destroyed)
    • Upgrade Point is applicable for Chaos Upgrade for Earrings
    • Item name colour changed based on level of Chaos Upgrade
  • Chaos Status
  • Chaos Seal
    • Use for sealing Chaos Level of Earring and reapply on another earring

2. Added new DX Dungeon “Pademonium”

  • Entry Information
    • Required Level: 190+
    • Entry Item: Demonic Invitation
      • Sold at Bloody Ice – Grocer – Deighton
      • Price: 4,000,000 Alz
    • Place of Entry: Portal Inferno (219, 230)
    • Maximum number of players: 5
  • Timeout: 30 minutes
  • Completion of the Dungeon
    • Victory: Defeat the last boss and open your chest
    • Defeat: Dungeon timeout is over
  • Reward: 6 DP
  • Dungeon Play Time Limit
    • Weekend: 8 hours
    • Weekday: 12 hours
  • Nix’s Broken Tiara
    • High chance to obtain from last boss of DX Dungeon
    • Used as material for requesting “Nix’s Jewel” which is used for buying “Chaos Converter”
  • In-game Dungeon Screenshots

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