[KR] [EP10] Jul 10th 2013 patch notes

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1. Change related to Effector

  • Add level restriction to equip Effector  : 130
  • Add Effector’s related drop
    • Drop in several dungeons / fields
      • Effector Core (Piece)
      • Mirror of the Eyes (Gold)


  • Effector can be destroyed (extracted)
    • Output: Effector Core (Piece) : 1~10
    • Effector Core (Piece): Material for requesting Mirror of the Eyes (Silver)
    • Requesting Mirror of the Eyes (Bronze/Silver)


  • Change color of Effector’s item name
    • Previously separated into 4 colors now merged to 2 colors
  • Add new categories in Auction Hall
    • Skill Items
      • Effector
      • Enlightening Effector
    • Crafting Related Items
      • General
        • Effector Core (Piece)

2. Awakening Forbidden Island changes

  • Dungeon difficulty adjustment
  • Drop list change
  • Fixed bugs

3. Change related to dungeons’ drop

  • Target dungeon
    • Tower of the Dead B3F
    • Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F

4. Changes related to Ring of Luck +3 / Critical Ring +3

  • Change NPC price (selling to NPC price)
    • 25,000 Alz
  • Change item image position in inventory

5. Change related to Skill Book category in Auction Hall


6. Change the way of displaying result when searching for DP Saver

  • Display format: DP Saver (Current stored amount / Maximum storage capacity)

7. Reactivate OTP service for test server


1. Add Circulation-daily-dungeon-compensation feature

  • Circulate as prescheduled duing days in week
  • Circulation daily compensation
    • Cumulativable but will be reset by end of the day at 00:00 server time
  • Subject to be changed
  • Dungeon Entrace UI change
    • Change to display the Circulation compensation info

2. Add new achievements

  • Add achievements for Effector
  • Add achievements for Awakening Forbidden Island
  • Detail by category
    • Dungeon achievements: 8 achievements
    • Hunting achievements: 5 achievements
    • Items achievements:  4 achievements

  Mission War

1. Improving Mission War reward payment method

  • Regardless of being in or not in the lobby or mission field, players who join the Mission War can obtain the rewards
  • At the end of Mission War, all players who participated the Mission War will be paid via mail system
  • Change WEXP / AXP compensation to item
    • WEXP Compensation: Potion of Courage (character binding) (gives WEXP on use)
    • AXP Compensation: Potion of Soul (character binding) (gives AXP on use)
  • Top-player compensation changes
    • Depending on the total players who participated the compensation will be calculated, up to 100 players
  • After the end of Mission War, mails will be sent automatically

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