[FAQ] Wizard Class Issue

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Source : Cabal SEA

Dear Cabalers,

Regarding WI Defense/Damage after the update of Rising Force : Part II


Current version of Skill Balance is not a final version. It’s still in process, and developers will try their best to well-balance the skills through the upcoming updates.

In the case of Wizard class, due to stats balance changes, if you still have the same stats before the update (with too high INT), you might suffer from lower defense/damage in dungeon play as well as in Mission War.

To enhance Wizard’s defense/damage in dungeons, we suggest below:

  • To achieve certain Attack Rate (Increases successful DPS).
  • Upgrade skill, “Eyes of Mind”

Most of Wizard users give too much stat points to INT. Due to the stats balance renewal with Rising Force update, it will be less efficient before.

  • Therefore, suggesting WIs to make DEX to 200 or more. (Increasing Dex give rise to Def Rate & Attack Rate)
  • For Lv. 190 Wizard, it will be more effective to achieve 5,900 attack rates to maintain its DPS.

Additionally, if you feel that defense is too low, best suggested to add more stat points to STR as it helps to increase the Damage Reduction.

Just to refresh :

To Change Weapons :

  • Basically, Wizards have high value of Magic Attack comparing to other classes.
  • Therefore, Weapons with Magic Skill Amp. / Critical Dmg option is more effective then high Magic Attack option.

Happy Magic Casting Wizards 😉

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