[KR] [EP10P3] Jan 23rd 2013 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug that caused the Tempus’s Ring gives doubled amount of HP than normal
2. Fix bug that displays incorrect info of cooldown of some potions in tooltip
3. Fix the bug that displays abnormal message when trying to sell items in Remote-Cash-Shop (press N feature)
4. Fix the bug related to Tower of the Dead B3F map

■ Changes

1. Change cast time of some buffs

2. Change cooldown of Heal (Force Shielder) / Greater Heal (Force Archer) to 3 seconds

3. Change stats of some equipments

  • Raise Lycanus Weapons’ stats
  • Raise Drei Frame Armors’ stats

4. Change the Attack epic option of Astral Bike – RW3

  • Raise value of Attack epic option for Astral Bike – RW3

5. Change the stats granted when using Bike Epic Converter (Highest)

6. For testing purpose, the DP reward from dungeons changes

  • Change : For a short duration (only in test server), the amount of DP compesating multiplied by 5
  • Target : All dungeons, on completion

7. Change the order of listing in Dungeon List on GPS system

  • Change the order of listing Tower of the Dead B3F to bottom of the list in the center Undead Ground dungeon entry point
  • Change the Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F to bottom of the list in the dungeon entry point near the Premium Warp Point in Forgotten Ruin


1. Added  new Synergies (for Battle Mode 3)

2. Add DP Cube (Premium)

  • Add the cube that can be used to purchase DP Saver
  • Add new Cube of Enchant (Premium)
    • Name : Cube of Enchant (Premium)
    • Buyable from : NPC DP Exchange Peticia
    • Cost : 120 DP
    • Property : Character Binding
    • Obtainable results
      • Core Enhancer (Highest)
      • Core Superior (All grade)
      • Enchant Safeguard (All grade)
      • Perfect Core (All grade)
  • DP Saver (50 DP)
    • Storable up to 50DP
    • Available in Cash Shop
    • Able to purchase from Event NPC for a limited duration (in test server)

3. Add request recipe for Bike Epic Converter Box (Highest)

  • Able to requesting from NPC Chloe in Port Lux
    • Required Amity : 0
    • Registration Fee : 0 (Automatic registered)
    • Materials
      • Bike Part (Lv4)
      • Material Core (Bike) : 20
      • Upgrade Core (Piece) : 50
      • Upgrade Core (Highest) : 20
    • Success Rate : 100%
  • Bike Part (Lv4) drop
    • Tower of the Dead B3F from Legacy / Legendary Chests
    • Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F from Legacy / Legendary Chests
  • Able to get random Bike Epic Converter (Highest) when used

4. Add the info of being able to use Highest cores for upgrading Astral Bike – PW5


7 comments on “[KR] [EP10P3] Jan 23rd 2013 Patch notes

  1. Viron Law says:

    wormy can tell us the old 4 synergy duration? thanks you


  2. Phil says:

    Reblogged this on Solo Multiplayer and commented:
    Hoping this one will come out in Cabal NA


  3. […] k có hiệu ứng gì ngoài cái rate giờ thêm cái này @.@ …. Wiz bá đạo :-s Nguồn [KR] [EP10P3] Jan 23rd 2013 Patch notes Trả lời kèm Trích […]


  4. Peter says:

    Another kick in the FB nuts….
    Comparing the new synergy of the wizards and the blader with the FB is hilarious (all 13s)…
    It seems that I won’t be going back to cabal any time soon…


  5. Cabalplayer says:

    how much did they raise the lycanus weapon stats by


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