[EU] [Info] State of the Game: January 2013

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Quoted from GM LucoWB from Cabal EU

Source : Cabal EU Forum


Hello, Fellow Nevarethianians… or however that is called…

It’s been a while, and I have to apologize for not speaking to you earlier. As you know, we’re quite busy with several projects – many around Cabal, but not only.

Firstly, the most pressing concern of the community: The Merge. We’ve made big progress, eradicated some rather big issues by “silently” preparing the databases into the format that we need it. Now we’re preparing the last piece of hardware that needs to be improved so everything can internally handle the amount of data, and are currently scheduling the final days. While not fully set in stone, we’re aiming at the 20th of February as the “Switch-Date” – maybe even a week earlier. (Sorry, no soon(tm))

Regarding our new portal, we also made good progress and are in the process of putting it live. Unlike announced earlier, we hold back the Cabal-Parts a bit for a bit more testing. That is, as we added a “bit” more functionality to the background, and are currently refining a few bits and bobs here and there. You might like to hear, that issues with gameaccounts and the subpassword can in the future be solved and sorted by yourselves. The only “problem” there is, your account requires to have a valid emailadress associated with it. But if that is the case, you’re easily able to reset the subpassword by yourselves, even if you’re not at your home computer and just can reach the interwebs with your smartphone or some other nifty communication-device you might have at hand.

Once we’re happy with everything, we’ll release the cabal-part of it, including the security-features I mentioned in my last post. (Yeah, sorry, can’t avoid the soon(tm) all time…)

Additionally, I heard from the translation team, that they are quite stressed and annoyed, but nearly finished with wrapping everything up for the next update for Cabal – and that’s gonna be huge. At least all the details about it seem fantastic. We’re awaiting to get the newest version on our testservers this week, and from there on it shouldn’t take too long until it hits the live-servers.


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