Interview with Developer – Part XI

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Rising Force – Part I : Feeze will be available Oct 31st 2012. Players are thirsty … for new contents … But the new update is something … just like a rain drop … seems to be not enough …

Feeze ! What does it mean? It means a bit of shaking, a bit of changing … to be renewal ! Yes everything gonna be changed in this update. As I mentioned in some previous entries, this Episode will be separated into 3 parts. First one named “Feeze”. Second is “Tower of Undead” and the third is “Evolution”.

Below is the translation of conversation between Game Master (Questioner) and Game Designer (Answer-er) about the future updates.


Q. There is no change on Skills anymore?

Not really, since the Rising Force has 3 parts and it has been pre-scheduled to run until Jan 2013. So things can be changed 😉

In the meantime, we will applied many changes on the Patch for the Public Server (as well as the Test Server) in Oct 31st.

And there are many internal things which are being developed and tested at this moment. In fact, in the Part I, we just want to focused on the new Mission Battle system.

And we are focusing on PvE content too since we added some new skills and tuning some existing skills for bringing the best game play.

Of course, PVP-related re-balancing changes are planned too.

Q. The differences made from the changing Weapon, Armor stats and character’s stats won’t cause big changes?

Attack and Defense related calculating formulas changed and the effect will be noticeable, especially with the addition of Damage Reduction stats, the amount of Damage reduced, very easy to notice.

We added the separated calucating formulas for each basic stats : STR / INT / DEX, so increasing / decreasing each stats will affect your other stats as well.

By the way, we added the Hit (Accuracy – name is subjected to change) and Pentrating (Pierce – name is subjected to change) stats and those stats will raise differently depending on Battle Style

Shadow-Titanium items seem to considered as low-grade item and losing their value, we are discussing on this problem as well as adding new skills / rebalancing existing ones.

Q. It’s NOT changed,  it’s all gone!

Many skills’ duration and cooldown are reduced / adjusted, the number are easy to see but hard to figure things out.

We received many feedback from players in Test Server about skill changes, here are some of most popular feedback

Bloody Spirit

We decreased the Defense reduction by 5%, might be the value is not really big. We got many request to decrease it more, since Defense in high-level Dungeons is a really important problem.

We decided to decline the request due to 2 reasons:

First, Warriors have special skill like Cats Recovery and Bear Vitality for fixing up the Bloody Spirit problem

Second, the very high value of Defense from Mithril set (and the coming up set) made the Defense reduction of Bloody Spirit like a joke if we keep decreasing.

So, as confirmation,

Bloody Spirit has been adjusted based on the analyze data from us as well as feedbacks from players. In the future, we might adjust it or not, that’s indeterminable at this moment.

Art of Sniping

We got many many feedbacks about this skill of Force Archer. But the strange thing here is they asked for lowering the stats of skill instead of increasing 😛

In fact, the Battle Mode 3 of Force Archer has itself very good ability

So we adjusted the skill a bit, do the rebalancing task, lowering this and improving that…

Passive Skill

The reason of making Passive Skills is very clear. For example, if you are a Force Archer, you have tons of skills which you have to use, that brings a bit of uncomfortable. But we haven’t implement the Passive Skill at this patch, however we will do it in the near future.


We added the Instant Cast feature in this patch too, that gives player ability to cast skill without animation (without casting-time), that affects for some skills with very-short-duration.

This patch will bring changes to players, which included pros and cons. Collecting feedbacks from the Test Server might be not enough, so we will keep collecting feedbacks from players and tuning skills for best game play.

Q. How about the changes related to Skill Points, when will it be implemented?

We are working on that issue. The skill user interface will change for sure. We are considering to add some Battle Style’s special skills (buff / debuff / …)

And we are discussing on this, to gain the access to the next skill, player might have to learn the previous skill up to 20, you can imagine, it’s something like skill tree model. But this is not confirmed.

Q : Monsters are stronger!

Since the calculations for Defense changed in the update, players will be easy to notice the changes of monsters’ power is just improved.

But we got some feedbacks that monsters are too strong now. We are still analyzing and finalizing the update content until January in two next content updates.

To make it clear, the strengthening monsters’ power and the drop compensation is differentiated. Strengthening Dungeons is for improving the challenge of the game, kind of Difficulty selection in DX Dungeon. Meanwhile, we are adjusting drops from high-level dungeons to match the challenge level, higher-level dungeon higher rewards.

We are considering to apply some changes that makes every solo player can clear every dungeon, so at least the required-level of dungeon might be adjusted, of course with changes in drop too.

Q : Penetrating / Hit / Damage reduction, from where players can improve it?

We are planning to make some additional accessories, might be as a part of 7th Anniversary, that will be available soon.

However, trying to claim or making sure is really difficult at this moment. Things gonna be changed even now in Internal Test Server, the changes will be made public as soon as we feel that they are ready to be.

Hmm, that seems to be enough

The Rising Force update is coming.

The Development Team is trying to give us the best game play, they made efforts from their hearts!

Since the update doesn’t come out as all-in-one, we can looking forward for more changes and additions in the future.

And by the way, as the Designer mentioned, the 7th Anniversary is coming. We will have something nice for sure 😉 Sounds promising 😛

Things are subjected to improving, rebalancing, lowering, adding,…

The interview has been made with Mr. H, Game Designer. And the purpose is clearing out the changes which have been applied and would be applied.

Rising Force : Part 1 – Feeze is here. Let’s wait for more information of Part 2 : Tower of Undead and Part 3 : Evolution

Thank you!


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