[NA] [Event] Cabal Global Camp Winners

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Source : Cabal NA Homepage


After the multiple campaign threads and the endless Megaphone shouts for votes, the CABAL North American and Global Community has chosen their representative!

Welcome your CABAL Global Camp Representative and nominees!

CABAL Global Camp Representatives:

1. xMiyuu – 356 Votes
2. Xiwi – 313 Votes
3. Romp – 293 Votes

CABAL Global Camp Nominees:

Valdoroth – 268 Votes
Gregfishin – 49 Votes

Our Representatives and Nominees will also receive a Crystal RW3 – Permanent/Account Bound

We would also like to thank all our players who voted and participated in this event. You have exceeded our expectation and your participation is truly appreciated!

CABAL Support Staff

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