[Global] [Event] Are you READY for Cabal Global Camp?!

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Dear CABAL players,

ESTSoft Inc. is proud to announce that we will be sending three highly qualified individuals to the CABAL Global Camp hosted on the beautiful island of Jeju, Korea. This all-expense paid trip to Korea will feature hotel, meal, and flight accommodations! Here is the Hotel : http://www.haevichi.com/eng/

Many players form various CABAL regions will be there, including: Korea, Europe, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, and North America. Participants will have a chance to interact with developers, test unreleased content, and battle to see who’s the best player in the world!

  • All winners must have a visa and be eligible to travel to South Korea.
  • All winners must have at least one character of level 150, with at least honour rank 11.

What will be in the Camp?

Are you READY? Join the Camp!

Europehttp://www.cabalonline.com/en/( Event Page )
Japanhttp://www.cabal.jp/Event Page )
North America (Global)http://www.cabal.com/( Event Page )
Thailandhttp://cabal.asiasoft.co.th/( Event Page )

Good luck !

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