[PH] [Cash Shop] New Cash Items for Cabal PH

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Hi CABALists!

We will be having our schedule server maintenance this September 6, 2012 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Please log off your account before the maintenance time.

Watch out for the new item released after the scheduled server maintenance.
New pet! Gem of summons! and free items!


Item Name

Price (CABAL Cash)

[FREE] 3-Day Lvl. 4 Inexhaustible HP/MP Potions [9/6]


Gem of Infinite Summons (Normal)7D


Gem of Infinite Summons (Rare)7D


Gem of Infinite Summons (Epic)7D


Gem of Infinite Summons (Unique)7D


Leap of Hero 10ea


AP Saver


White Alpaca Pet Card and 30D Pet Extender Package [9/6]



Note:The Free 3-Day HP and MP Inexhaustible Potions can be claimed in the Cabal Item Shop and once per account only.

Claiming will be until the morning of September 10, 2012 only.


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