[KR] [EP10] [Info] Blocking Attack, brand-new definition in EP10

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As I translated before : https://mrwormy.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/kr-ep10-aug-30th-2012-patch-notes/

1. BLOCK evaluation

  • MISS
    • Will be triggered if player evade an opponent’s attack
    • Calculating based on Attacker’s Hit and Defender’s Evasion
    • Will be triggered as soon as attacker casting attack skill
    • Calculating based on Attacker’s Attack Rate and Defender’s Defense Rate


EP10 will bring to us a brand-new definition : Block!

Check this out 😉 When monsters block your attack, the YELLOW “Block” text will appear. And when you block their attacks, a RED “Block” text will be shown 😉


  1. does using the combo will stop block? because i know when using combo you wont miss so by using combo it wont block my skills or will it still block them?


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