[KR] [EP10] Aug 30th 2012 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug that caused monsters did not appear in Bloody Ice

2. Some quests are not reinitializable after sell quest items to NPC

3. Fix the bug that displayed the empty Creation date in character selection window

4. Fix the bug that allowed inviting members exceed the limited number

■ Changes

1. Change the Defensive calculation formula

  • Old Defense stats will reduce received damage
  • Change the way of calculating damage reduced by % based on defense
  • Based on character level, the  formula varies

2. Change the Increase Critical Damage option so it will not affected by skill damage

3. Change the Flee Rate – Evasion calculation formula

  • Old Flee Rate will be changed to Evasion stats

4. Increasing Attack / Magic Attack effect changes

  • Attack : Increasing STR will give more Attack  (with Blader and Force Blader, increasing DEX will give more Attack too)
  • Magic Attack : By increasing INT, Magic Attack will be increased

* Based on Battle Style the affection of Stats on Attack / Magic Attack varies

5. Skill Rank-up STR / DEX / INT bonus changes

6. Item stats changes

  • Stats of Weapons / Armors / Accessories / Buff potions are changed
  • Differences between Item grades change

7. All monsters in Fields / Dungeons stats are changed

* This will be adjusted during the testing progress

8. Skills which give Addition Damage  and Buff / Debuff Skills are adjusted

* This will be adjusted during the testing progress

9. Achievement-related changes

  • Change the requirements of some items / dungeons achievements
  • Change the condition of showing achievement publicity
  • Raised some hunting achievements reward

10. Display the content of Party Chat in Bubble same as Normal Chat

11. Allow using Ctrl + Left Click / Drag-and-drop item from a received mail

12. When the input-cursor is in the Sub-Password input box, if player presses the Tab button, the focus will be moved to “Change the Sub-Password” button

■ Additions

1. BLOCK evaluation

  • MISS
    • Will be triggered  if player evade an opponent’s attack
    • Calculating based on Attacker’s Hit and Defender’s Evasion
    • Will be triggered as soon as attacker casting attack skill
    • Calculating based on Attacker’s Attack Rate and Defender’s Defense Rate

2. Add new stats

  • Damage reduction
    • If the character is damaged, the Damage reduction will reduce the Damage received
  • Hit
    • Increase the chance of successful attack
    • Hit joins as an element in the calculation of opponent’s Evasion
    • Each battle style has a different formula for calculating opponent’s Evasion
    • There is a basic stats of Hit for each battle style
  • Penetrate
    • Increase the damage of attack
    • Penetrate joins as an element in the calculation of the reducing of opponent’s Defense
    • Each battle style has a different formula for calculating of the reducing of opponent’s Defense
    • There is a basic stats of Penetrate for each battle style

3. Stats affected by increasing STR / INT / DEX

  • STR : Increasing STR affects Increase Damage Reduction value
  • INT : Increasing INT affects resistances
    • Crit Rate. / Skill Amp. / Unmovable / Critical Damage / Stun / Down / Knockback
  • DEX : Increasing DEX affects Attack Rate / Defense Rate / Evasion

* Below features will be adjusted during the testing progress

    • Attack / Buff / Debuff rebalancing
    • New Buff / Debuff adding
    • Existing skills stats and effects adjustment
    • Skill Interface improvement
    • Integration between Skill Ranks and Skill EXP
    • Integration between Sword and Magic skill slots

4.  New achievements added

  • General Achievements: 22
  • Quests Achievements: 29
  • Dungeon achievements: 2
  • Items Achievements: 22
  • PVP Achievements: 15
  • War Achievements: 19
  • Hunting Achievements: 20
  • Share Achievements: 11

5. Guild-related

  • Add a message which will be appeared on the completion of Guild Announcement changing
  • Add the new command in the right-click menu of Guild window
    • Add the “Add” command

6. Allow registering mercenary to Quick Slot

■  Mission War

1. Add the red message in the System message area if player got kicked out from the Mission War

** Above are the contents which will be applied for ONLY the TEST SERVER. All features are subjected to be change with or without announcement for tuning the game play.


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