[KR] [EP10] Aug 29th 2012 Patch notes

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This is the patch notes for Public Servers, the main contents of EP10 will be started to test today Aug 30th 2012 in Test Server. Those information will be available later.


1. Fix the abnormal options of Golden Toad Belt

2. Fix the bug that cause the Assistant FX for “Automatic distribution stats” did not disappear even after used

* Just want to explain a bit, Assistant FX is the Help based on context window, which will display a small window with image and a bit of text. Sometimes it displays as a Small Question-mark in the center of screen.


1. Monster stats change

  • Low-level monsters stats adjustment
    • Monsters in Fields / Monsters in Quest dungeons which are lower than Level 102 are adjusted
  • Boss stats adjustment
    • Bosses in Fields / Named monsters in Fields / Bosses in Quest dungeons are lower than Level 100 are adjusted

2. Adjusting the difficulty for level 10 and below

  • Monsters which are level 10 and below are adjusted

3. Changes related to “Add Damage” feature of some Force Archer skills

  • Skills in Novice – Expert are adjusted the “Add Damage” stats


1. Character at level 10 and below are able to use “OK” button in the Assistant FX window

2. Add the icons for Character type / Quest

3. Add the category for Honor Honorable Circle

  • Functional items – Resurrection / Warp Item – Honor Honorable Circle

4. Re-organize and Add items into the in-game Cash Shop tab

  • Additional items:
    • Summon of Hero
    • Heroic Leap

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