[EP9] [NA] Short Info about Arcane Trace update

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Some weeks ago, I’ve posted the Full Patch notes of Arcane Trace update from Cabal SEA, it’s really useful but too long 😉 Want to get a quick overview of Arcane Trace update? Check this “tiny” patch notes from Cabal NA.

Source : Cabal NA 



• New NPC ‘Craft Merchant Chloe’
• Craft system
• Request system
• New mission field ‘Arcane Trace’
• New accessory ‘Charm’
• Unbinding Stone
• +8 Accessories
• Dance3
• Dance commands

– /dance3
– /everydayimshuffling
– /shuffle
– /shuffledance

• New quest ‘Favor Returning Heil’
• Unique equipment category in Agent Shop


• Fixed EXP reward errors of some daily quests
• Fixed error that the location of the Mini quest window was reset upon Client close
• Fixed error that the motion of monsters inside the quest dungeon of the quest ‘Finding Younger Brother’ were abnormal
• Fixed error that Party EXP was not acquirable on certain situations
• Fixed error that Nation related Titles were not renewed upon Nation change
• Fixed error that skill books from Weakened dungeons gave Alz when sold
• Fixed error that exchanging pets between original slot – extended slot were able after duration of ‘Pet Slot Extender’ expired
• Fixed error that changing channel or equipment during Battle Mode 3 + Aura mode resulted abnormally shown stats
• Fixed error that reviving during dungeon play without Odd Circles were possible
• Fixed error that Odd Circles in Cash inventories were not able to be used
• Fixed error that PVP request canceled trading
• Fixed error that arrow marks on GPS were not visible by a overlapped button
• Fixed error that camera angles were reset while changing to ‘Free View’ mode
• Fixed error that Party member location moving on Party lists were not available
• Fixed error that a guild member could remain on a deleted guild group
• Fixed error that when a character’s HP exceeded 65,000 in Mission war, it was shown abnormal


• Changed Crafting
• Merged Shape Cartridge items
• Changed ‘Mirror Stone’
• Changed Material item drop
• Increased 2 slot Forcium item drop rate
• Changed item extraction details
• Changed so that some unique items drops are tradable.

– Lycanus Weapons
– Drosnin’s Earrings
– Drei Frame Armor

• Changed item selling price to NPC shops
• Changed Agent shop category
• Changed achievement related details

– Added achievement view together function
– Added achievement ranking
– Changed achievement reveal method
– Change achievement achieved alarm

• Changed maximum number of acquirable quest quantity from 10 to 20
• Increased HP & defense rate of ‘Vikalitan of Golden Sunset’ in Saint’s Island
• Changed so that the possession of field monsters or Mission War guardians to be changed upon HP regen
• Changed Map/Warp code provide method
• Changed so that using Force Kick between using combo in Battle Mode 3 will not reset the count
• Increased the number of Favorites available on Agent Shop
• Changed so that in case of item move or retrieval, it is to be done from the currently opened inventory
• Moved chat window minimalize button to the top left side
• Changed quest/mission marks on GPS
• Changed party member tooltip and added more information on it
• Changed so that the mission area of quests from the Quest Capsule is to be shown
• Changed so that Item details are to be shown on Guild Warehouse related system messages & history lists
• Changed some Help messages
• Changed name and extractable item from of Buff Capsule Cubes which are given as Mission War rewards
• Separated Battle Mode 3 Armor & Effects when used in Mission war depending to the Character’s Nation
• Changed so that some functions are to be available during character revival

– Current Mission war process time
– GPS function via M
– Score, Member list check via V

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