[Fun] Best Cabal BGM?


Based on the poll from Korean Server of players, there are 3 best BGMs. And as many people know, those BGM are from a Korean Band : Novasonic. Let’s go through the list of 3 best BGMs 🙂

At first place : Azaleas

At second place : Bad Girl (featuring Novasonic Band live show clip)

At third place : Cabal Forgotten Temple B1F BGM (featuring Latin-transcription lyric)

How about you? What’s the best Cabal BGMs? Share the opinions 😉


2 comments on “[Fun] Best Cabal BGM?

  1. iamaoex [PH] says:

    the best Cabal BGM for me is the Bloody Ice Theme. really it hooks me to keep playing Cabal. and while im at rest, im playing it on my iPod to take the stress out of me.


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